Tuesday, September 1, 2015

End of the first day

I looked at the clock just now that was so surprised that it wasn't 10:00.  It feels like 10, I am tired enough for it to be 10- I forget how much this first day takes out of us.

My throat is still sort of sore and my feet are fortunately not hurting anymore.  I feel like I went on a 7 mile walk!  While talking or something.  I agree with my friend the Mad-Science teacher: it feels like we never left.

I had my first day lecture going for a full 6 hours today.  Tuesday is one of my longest days and it is sort of brutal.  I began with hall duty (yippee, that is just fantastic... ), put in 45 min of talking for 2 hours in a row, ran to the elem. to prep down there, went back for the last high school class, zipped around to check on the status of a work study student, ate lunch and then had 3 hours of back to back little kids.  About 2 pm my voice started breaking down. It did hold up, though, so this is good.  My reprieve tomorrow is that I have a prep time in the elementary for an hour, so my voice will get a break.  I have to introduce new projects in the high school so there is no rest for the proverbial wicked.

I realize I have to read some article for the staff meeting tomorrow, fill out a survey for the superintendent,  plus I  was working on my lesson plans and my corresponding blog posts on my other two blogs (how do you people find those things??) and I could have gone to bed at 8!  But I got finished what I needed to, and that is a great feeling.  PLUS I know what I am wearing tomorrow and what I am having for lunch!  Winner winner!!

I posted a facebook status that said something about having had a great day at school, as well as one this morning that talked about starting the day with a picture by the door like the boys used to.  I got some super awesome messages from former students.  It is so gratifying to know that I made a difference in their lives.  They have no idea how meaningful those messages are.

I only fantasized about being out on a body of water in my kayak a few times!  Lol. It was a good day that seems like it will continue into a good semester.  Positive attitude is the key.

And joy is what you will find when you use that key.

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