Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So the school's gorgeous and beautiful gym just opened yesterday and it really is spectacular.  The facilities are beautiful, the machines and weights are top of the line. It is a good space, and for the winter- there are even the icky brand new and beautiful cardio things. ( I hate doing cardio inside, can you tell??)

So why would I find this situation bittersweet you might ask?  If you think for a moment and have followed along at all, I miss my old gym.  I miss the people, I miss the facilities- it was like my second home.

The school doesn't have extensive hours- it is after all, a school!  I hope at some point they can add a few weekend hours, but we shall see.  While they have a lot of great things, there a few things- like a cable cross and smith machine- that they don't have.  But I will certainly adjust.

No, the thing about this is that I feel slightly disloyal for going to a different place.  Of course this probably doesn't seem logical, but you ALL know that isn't usually my gig anyway.  I somehow deeply feel the loss of my dear friend Lori  (and Brian and their kids) even though  she is doing well.  I wish that things didn't turn out like they did, because I would rather be going to Triple B.

Fortunately, I got to talk to and hug quite a few of my gym buddies last night!  It was like a homecoming. I hope to see more of them tonight and as the weeks go on.  It is the people who made that old place so special, and while I can't see some of the most special ones, I am so happy to be reunited with so many of the rest of them.

I feel the workout that I did yesterday from my shoulders to my toes, and it is a good sort of sore.  Almost all of us are starting from square one again. I have been going to a less than stellar place at a local establishment, so I am a little ahead of the game.  It was SO freaking amazing to replace the duct tape ridden Rocky Balboa type room with this well equipped gym.  Little angels were singing in my head!  But there was one or two little angels that I wish were still in my daily life....

So, I will be embracing my new place with the idea that I can't stay and over train.  I have to get in and out in 45 min. or less.  I can't have the constant carpal tunnel any more, that is too hard on this girl.

Well I better scoot and get ready for work, I just had to write this out.  And now I can go on and hit it hard.  But not too hard, and I will be remembering the joys that began at a different place across the river.....

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