Monday, September 21, 2015

What's Up, Buttercup?

 So I find myself saying these kinds of random things to kids- not sure but I think I picked this one up from The Big Bang Theory the other night.  I have, of course, heard this before, many times....

What's up?  Well I have been whining to every person I know about the ROTTEN reception that I am getting in my HS art room regarding the internet.  Not sure, but I think someone left the room when I started complaining yet again..  but ya know, if you don't say something then no one will know and then how will it get fixed??  Well, it is being worked on and that is awesome.

So it wasn't a terrific few days for my internet service anywhere, except for on my phone.  Somehow AT&T manages to come through for me.  My home internet service took a dive this past Friday, which on the one hand made me SAD.  On the other hand I managed to weed out probably 4000 photos from the computer.  Yes, 4000.  Don't judge me.  Why this happens to me only on weekends (losing service) is way beyond me, why Friday night or Saturday morning..... ideas??  eh.  Whatever.  Anyway, spontaneously the internet comes back up on Sunday night, after I had made an appt. for a service call- they said Tuesday.  I didn't get a chance to reply to an email saying I didn't need a technician, which is good in retrospect, as someone came of course today.  A GREAT Centurylink guy came to the house, after calling  me at school, to check my line, and it was fine.  However when I walked by my modem when I got home, it was down again- and phone call was made to said technician, who came to my house on his way home, and wa LAH- new modem and functioning service again.  I would like to fill out a survey and see if I can get that guy a raise.  I've had him at the house before, when he worked his magic on the outside of the house and he is STELLAR.  

Now I need my kitchen light replaced (of course this involves going to pick out a new light, and I haven't done that yet) and at least 2 dripping faucets fixed.  That would be great!  But barring miracles and lottery tickets, I will have to entice someone into the house for those little tiny jobs, perhaps with cookies??  Just throwing that out there.  Call me- anyone who wants cookies.  And can do light plumbing and electrical.....  :)

I feel super sleepy tonight again, this is coming from someone who rarely gets to sleep before 11:30.  I think the children have infected me with something.  Seriously, people.  So I have been popping zinc and I rested tonight instead of walking or lifting.  I am glad I stayed home I guess, but I feel like I am slacking.  I have to find my Vit. C too, and I suppose since I am turning back into the ghostly white girl that I am (instead of my summery pale beige), I need to pull out the Vit. D as well.  I wish I was out in the sun much of the day still....  Ahhh summer

So I did get out for some walks, and best of all took some pretty good photos on the river Sunday morning.  This getting up at 6 am on Sunday thing.  WUT is up with that??  Well, until the leaves are all fallen, I anticipate going out on the Flambeau regularly.  I am now able to get into the kayak without getting my feet wet (oh the grace that I have) and more important- I can get OUT of the kayak without falling over and getting wet.  And I don't even have my kayak buddy to hold the front of the boat while I regain feeling in my - well - until I could stand again.   I love going out there in the cold mornings and go through the mists.  It was suggested by an old friend that I play the Peer Gynt Suite on my phone while paddling, but I am able to TOTALLY bring that to mind, so all the time I have that tune going through my head.  It is a hoot.

So I am doing some serious babbling and I should get ready for bed.  It is going to take a bit to download photos and finish this, so off I go!  I hope you all can find some joy this lovely Monday night....  I have some dental work tomorrow (yay me) and then I am in wait mode for another little Oswald baby to make their appearance.  I get to be Gramma for a couple days and be there for a certain adorable little Oswald boy!  And that will be a  joy for sure.

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