Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Texts and meltdowns

So I got a text from Sarah Grace this morning. Ella was having an emotional morning and apparently had a melt down because she wanted to go to Gramma Debi's. I was a little verklempt. 

So I went into the workroom before school and made a short little video. 

This picture is after she watched. Grandma mission- accomplished. 

So nice that someone in this world wants to be with me that bad. :). Well there might be one or two others, but they haven't gone that extra mile and had a melt down.  Lol

If needed, I'll send you all a short video too! Because that is how I roll. Joy givers, unite!! xo

I'll be with you soon my Ella Bella

Love u, 
Gramma Debi 

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