Friday, October 9, 2015

And fall-

Alright, I am trying to not get to work an entire HOUR before I need to be- even more than an hour.  I am ready right MEOW to leave.  It is inservice day.  I don't have to leave yet, but being a creature of habit....  yeah.

Just had a discussion about daylight savings....  that is coming QUICKLY.  I can't even.  In denial!

I just this morning turned my thermostat on to run the heating schedule.  Up until now, in spite of 30- degree lows, I have been turning it up when I'm cold....  more denial.

I just received my Yaktrax yesterday!  I ordered them the other day in anticipation of hiking- there will be no FALLing this year, dammit.  for those of you who don't know- they are nonslip attachments to the bottom of ones shoes.... so lets see if I use them.  :D  denial happens.

I am going to go HIKING up north tomorrow and Sunday!!!   ALLLLL the yeses to that- no denial in that one!!  It is nice to do something reminiscent of summer, to remind us that fall isn't all getting ready for winter, there is a lot of awesome in that season alone.

It is almost the middle of October you all!!  I can't believe it, seriously October just started and now it is the 9th???  What in the ever living heck.  I just posted week 6 of my kid's grades and that means it is very close to the end of the quarter.... that much closer to kayaking a good friend keeps telling me....

I am not a person to deny fall.  I love the change, I love the color, and I am very grateful the leaves are hanging on for dear life this year.  It makes the stark, albeit beautiful, winter a little shorter.  However, I am having a hard time letting summer go.  So bear with me, as my autumn transition will be more complete after taking some good fall color pictures has been accomplished.  And that should happen in the next few days! The MAD ENGLISH TEACHER will be in the house!!  Or at least in the area.  :)  And that is going to give me a lot of joy!

Happy Friday everyone....  xox

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