Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, BIG Adventure

Oh yeah- 167 days and some odd hours and my big BIG adventure will be here!  Italy!  I am going to go with my Seester-Rose on a big ole airplane, across the ocean to Italy for a 12 day adventure of a lifetime! We are actually taking the tour that my friend and colleague Paula is sponsoring through school. I want it known I am definitely NOT a chaperone for this trip.  I did my gig of chaperoning for band and choir tours, and most would agree I am a really good chaperone, but I am not planning to fulfill that role this time.  :)

SO damn exciting!  I have a few things that I plan to work on before this.....

First, though I am not making any resolutions or any other silly random promises, I am going to begin some pointed and regular training for this event.  Meaning I am walking whenever and where ever I can, because I plan to not do a lot of resting on this trip.  And this includes weight training to be able to drag large suitcases and carry on bags without issue.  This would be happening anyway, but I do well with having a particular goal in mind. And of course the way that this winter is going I could be kayaking in April, so there is that!  :)
NEXT, I am going to pick up the Italian language practice that I had been doing - ahem- last freaking year at this time.....  and you all know what happened in January that sucked the life out of me and allowed no mental space to learn a language.  So I will work my way, again, to the point where I can ask for a glass of wine in Italian!  YAY!!

Vorrei un bicchiere di vino

I just purchased and received a guide book and some other little goodies from the Rick Steves website!  I have a fabulous book that is all things Italy.  So I will be doing a little reading about where we are going and indeed will probably be researching the artwork that we will be seeing.  I like to have the back stories and an idea of my art work priorities.  I mean, since except for Roma, we are in no one location too long, I need to know what I want to see the most!  I am such a go with the flow girl, but this needs to be looked at.  I **might** make a presentation for the group- as far as art goes.  We shall see, I don't want to bore people with my obsession.

So as you can tell, I am a bit excited!  There are other very exciting things happening this year, most notably a new little Mad-grandchild will be born in less than 2 weeks!!!  WOO HOO!  But that will be its own post in the days to come.

I will keep you posted on all things Italy.  Which will be my pleasure and my joy!



  1. As you wander around the world I plan to finally see a bit of the U.P. After living her for 11 years, I figure its about time. Oh my how time flies!
    Enjoy Deb, like that needed to be said. lol
    'love n' hugs from afar'

    1. Aw! Thanks so much Cher! I think exploring our area is the thing to do!! I plan to do some waterfalling in July- between trips. Might have to stay home at some point and see the hubs too. haha.
      I will enjoy and you too! time for more #haveanadventure

  2. Well, Happy New Year! I am excited for you for your summer trip to Italy! The art is all either bigger or smaller than you would expect. Not sure how they always get these pic of the Coliseum with nothing around it as it is jam packed into the middle of Rome. The one thing I remember is the incredible age of everything there and the population density. Cities I would guess at 5,000 are 30,000 to 100,000. Everything is picturesque, versus looking for the shot here. And, I hope you like fish. It seems to be featured in everything. Italy has the best fish soups. Is that within your eating regime? Oh, and everyone speaks English, and unlike in France, like to practice on you!

    1. Lol, thanks! I am prepared for small paintings and large sculptures. I understand that from all the time I have spent in museums. I am also thinking 1. they photog was laying on the ground to eliminate the clutter and 2. they photoshopped the rest of the clutter OUT. I do not eat fish, but I will be fine. Food is the least of my worries. :) And I want to be able to speak a bit of conversational Italian because i am like that. :)
      Happy New year to you too!