Friday, January 1, 2016

Year in review - 2015: the year of contradictions

I generally don't do reviews, but this year was an odd one.  I had some of my very best times and some of my worst.  The nice thing about the worst is that I was so firmly in denial that I didn't really understand that it was a worst.  Which is where I do live my life- firmly in a fantasy world in my head and I am probably way more happy than the average person. hehe

Anyway, I think a photo essay might be in order.  Shocking I know.

It was another long winter, guys.  Not as long as the previous one, but still.  But when you live in Wisconsin, you really can't complain, or at least not until sometime in April, then feel free.

So as most of you know,  winter was not kind to me in January.

In fact, January of 2015 was downright rude.  After recovering from that stupid Lymes in 2014, I was on the road to kick assery again, but NOOOOO.  There would be no Book Across the Bay for me.  Booooooooo

This was my sad state of affairs in January....  coffee through a straw.  THAT was just obnoxious.  BOOOOOOO again.  I did learn a lot about patience and taking it easy (sort of) and many other things.  REALLY learned about the amazing friends and family members I have, so many little surprises that warmed my little ole heart.

But without the broken things, I may never have gotten to the places that I went to that winter.  I had lots of amazing people dragging me all over the place and I would LOVE to publicly thank the Mad-English teacher for taking me on the ice road!!  Even though I think I drove part of the way that day.... not on the Ice Road, but otherwise.  

AND here I am clinging to things again.  SO SO hard.  However, I was clambering about on that blue ice without regard to safety or elbows, so I definitely have a short memory or a small amount of self-respect.  :)

And I got lots of company during my recuperative time, too.  My lovely SEESTER Rose came and took care of me and then I got a visit from Ella and her parents.

Turns out 2015 was quite a year for watery adventures.  And the M E T and I did a lot of exploring.  And it frequently involved waterfalls.

Lost Creek Falls

Houghton Falls with ice

Potato River Falls

A few people know how terrified I was sitting here "so close" to the edge.  Don't judge me!

Houghton Falls, no ice- but 33 degree water..... you don't want to know why I know that
St. Peter's Dome

Photography also drove virtually all of my adventures.  There are some things that get recorded yearly and the trilliums on Lakeshore Drive are one of those subjects.

Lola and daffodils will always be part of my spring photos
And so I made the momentous decision to purchase a kayak this spring.  I insisted that I get myself on a body of water before a storm hit!  I am ornery like that!  AND YAY for my first paddle.

I believe this was during my first official paddle of more than around the boat landing.
So I will get back to the kayak, but there are other more traditional things that happened when school was out a few weeks later.....  The Madeline has taken us on so many may adventures up in Bayfield.  Madeline Island is where the three of us should be living full time.

Meanwhile, back in my yard, I ended up with some gorgeous flowers, and here are my peonies that finally have begun to come into their own.  

My BIG adventure this year was going on an airplane and seeing the mountains for the first time.  It was epic and I am so happy that I shared it with my good friend Adam!  The memories from this are priceless.




Ok, back to kayaking:

July was a wonderful  month, when our Milwaukee kiddos moved to Park Falls for heavens sakes!  I have grandchildren in the neighborhood!!

July and August were very busy with all sorts of fun. This is why my summer went nice and slow.  I shoved as much into it as i could.  I did what I wanted and needed. This is the thing I learned from breaking my elbows- the big over-all sweeping thing- enjoy the hell out of yourself in the moment!!!

The Butternut Lake eagle!
Always the best day with my bff!

Lake Superior adventures with Adam!!

Swamp grass adventures!
The requisite footsies on the kayak in Lake Superior shot!
Sometimes I hopped on my bike too!

But then back into the boat- REALLY EARLY in the am

Finding animals and such.... (I need to save up for my new long lens, stat)

Hanging with my seester and Emily!

And then one fine September weekend, we became the proud grandparents of another amazing little girl!  And we had this little cutie with us for 4 days!

We have one super thriving hive of bees out there this year!!  So excited that they might live through the winter.

Fall had lots of walks and pictures once the kayak was stashed for the winter.....  the winter that has barely shown up to play.  In fact, I am pretty positive that the Book Across the Bay won't happen again this year for me, but not by any of my doing.

One of my favorite pictures of the year- favorite tree.

There have been lots of get togethers since Greg and Sarah now live up here.  Definitely one of my favorite things that happened this year.

I seriously almost lost this boy earlier this winter.  Luck was on my side for now.

Soon, very soon, I will have another granddaughter.....  But that is for 2016 to reveal!

Winter is showing signs of showing up, but 2015 ended with a little sigh instead of a roar.  Which is actually ok with most of us up here in the north.

So as I move into a new year, I am so grateful for what I experienced.  Every time I go through a hard time, I come out so much wiser and happier.  I regret NOTHING from my year, it was one of the most painful, exciting, happy, amazing times of my life.  I have learned so much, lol and have done things that I could barely have imagined at the beginning of 2015.  wow. Thank you to all the people who I have talked with, whined to, shared my joy with and had adventures with and through.  It has been quite a ride! xo

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