Saturday, April 9, 2016

A little Mad Update!

It has been almost a month and what the heck is going on here??  Lol, I have been sort of busy with stuff, and here is a small rundown.
Lola really took this all like a trouper! Other of us, not so much.
 First of all- the play is done and also so is the 3rd quarter.... this sort of speaks for itself I think.

Next- Spring break happened, as did Easter.  As did some doofus kid in the HS (who is lucky I don't remember who they are) sneezed in my general direction and was SICK for the entirety of spring break.  Not like deadly sick after Sunday/Monday but still.  GEEZ.

I was recovered enough Tuesday to go visit the Janesville Oswalds, though I was a little out of it most of the time.  Oh well.  Got to do some Easter egg dyeing and went to the library and the Discovery center and some things like that.  That was pretty enjoyable!  :)

Got to see the Park Falls Oswalds on Easter when they came over to have supper on that Sunday.  SO much fun to see all of them.  Grandchildren are the best, people!!

I may or may not have indicated that I have acquired a new camera/lenses and to go with that new photo editing software.....  And man have I got a lot of learning to do....  These days you will find me glued to my computer screen going through Lightroom editing videos.  It is so different than Aperture, which is what I was using before.  And I have to figure out a way to get my pictures from one computer to another.... its all so damn complicated and I am far from being a computer newbie.  UGH.  Good thing I have a friend who has helped me a little figure this stuff out, now I owe him some honey.  And probably a portion of my soul or something.  hehe
The melting ice at the boat landing....  hurry UP already

Anywho, I've been only able to get out for limited amounts of picture taking since the weather has been decidedly uncooperative these days.  But that is sort of no excuse, but really at this time of the year, no one wants to see shot after shot after shot of grey clouds.  Least of all this sunshiney person.  So I am slowly beginning to reload my RAW files from my SD cards into my new computer and will begin reprocessing. All this sounds like first world problems, I know, but the struggle is real.  HA!!!

A maple tap sap drip!
Let's see what else.... oh.  I am getting to that time during tax season where I am sick of being alone.  This is all exacerbated by the fact that I can't be kayaking.....  I have a super long lens JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE of getting the birds on the water in the early spring and things are not cooperating.  Le sigh.  Anyway, as much as I LOVE my alone time, I'm over this whole thing.  I still do not fully understand why tax season continues until April 18 this year, so another weekend of no interruptions and quiet in the house and.... so what is the issue here??  HAHA  Sorry honey.  Seriously though, it will be nice to do something like have a driver for my photography addiction.

Speaking of addiction- If I don't get up to Bayfield soon, I am going to run away from home.  Lol.  I need Coco's, Madeline Island and The Bigwater Coffee shop asap, with some hiking thrown in for good measure.  Like- gotta go soon!!!  The lake is calling me.

Anyway, that is all for this update.  I might have a photo post in me later... but for now I have to go do a few more things before I go out for lunch.  Which is a good part of Tax Season- out for lunch!  :)

This week the temperature is sure to be going up and you WILL find me in my kayak by the weekend.  And that will bring me a lot of joy!


  1. Poor Lola ~ being subjected to the snow for so long. I LOVE your picture of the maple tap drip ~ PERFECTION at it's FINEST!!