Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quick yummo of the week- Vegetarian style.

I came across an interesting recipe that is really not much of a recipe, as you can throw together whatever you want and do this.....

This Asparagus and Mushroom melts recipe was from here- Oh My Veggies is a great vegetarian recipe blog.  I don't do a lot of bothering with new things so much anymore.  I tend to throw stuff together, figure out a sauce or flavoring and put it over something.  I have a lot of templates that I use and frequently it is just steam some veggies and shake on any number of hot sauces that I own. 

ANYWAY, this looked really good to me earlier in the week and I ACTUALLY had the mushrooms, asparagus and some sour dough bread in the freezer.  Must have been fate.  So whilst whipping up a batch of sugar candy for the bees, I also made up these melts.

None of this is very hard- toast your bread in the broiler.  Sauté some onion (they say shallots, but you use what you have) in olive oil, add in some chopped mushrooms and then a minute or two later some chopped asparagus.  Let this cook a wee bit, until it is the doneness you like and mix in a teaspoon of red wine vinegar (really do this, can't explain why, but it is a good part of the flavor profile) and some thyme leaves.  Pile this all up on your sourdough, top with cheese - the first round I put on some shredded swiss and some parmesan flakes.....  and broil it until its melty/toasty.

Well this was so good that I made it again the next night, this time I had stopped and picked some provolone which I used instead of the swiss.  And then I did try out some hot sauce on the top and that is a complete winner.  I used the original Louisiana Hot Sauce for this- didn't want any lime or chipotle or other flavors on this. 

I can see using something like broccoli for this melt too- in fact the OMV recipe was a riff on Smitten Kitchens Broccoli melts.... and you just can never go wrong with a SK recipe.

So, yeah, if you are wanting something fast easy and yummy- try this.  I suppose you could put something like bacon on it too, but I for one see no need.....  But you knew that, didn't you.  coming up on 4 years vegetarian and have never looked back.  

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