Saturday, April 16, 2016

Better morning....

I really REALLY meant to post this earlier- as in I needed to sort of negate my sad musings from yesterday with the good news that I woke up feeling pretty darn peppy.  I know you were all on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about that....  haha

Life is always good when you start it with some Big Water Coffee on the deck in one's sunshine yellow Adirondack chair!  Sleeping well for the first time in 4 nights helped matters tremendously
Big Water Coffee!!!
I will admit that it was a little chilly to be sitting out on the deck with bare feet, but you know, it just had to happen.  It was so nice- no bugs.  

Feet bare, don't care
I had a lot to look forward to this morning, what with having the Mad-Science teacher coming over to see the cabin, and then the planned kayak trip- post to follow.  Stuff to do!  People to see!!  Selfies to take.   HAHA

I can feel summer on the way.... and I like it!  Can you feel the joy in the air??  But first- those daffodils should be coming soon....

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