Friday, April 15, 2016

Open Water!

I am feeling really anxious to get out in the water this year, and have been keeping tabs on the state of the boat landing down at Smith.... Last Sunday (I think it was Sunday- maybe Monday??), there was still ice at the landing, but the open water was making headway.  Yesterday, I cheered as I came over the rise on Omaha Road and saw the water at the bottom of the hill.

So, what does this mean?  Well, I was going to go and get my second kayak today, but I got a weather update today saying we were going to be having really gusty winds today, so I will just wait until the MA is done with tax season and go get it next week.  I also informed him I WILL be kayaking on Saturday afternoon, and since he is still stuck in his office that day- it will work out fine.  There is really no GOOD reason why I need to get out there this weekend other than I've been missing it and I am hoping like heck to be able to find some wildlife to photograph as I float along. He also knows that it is just a matter of time before he gets dragged out into the water with me.  :)

Anyway,  I am anxious to be out and about.  I am missing my road trips with my certain partner in crime- the Mad-English teacher and have felt a little stuck at home.

On a totally unrelated note, yesterday morning had some really awesome clouds going on.  So of course, I took some photos.....

After my walk to the boat landing yesterday, I went on a little hunt for railroad spikes on the Tuscobia, but didn't find any.  I saw one huge beaver down the trail a ways, I hope that stupid thing isn't building a dam (yeah, right).  That causes problems for us later as the water backs up.  I guess we shall see what happens there.  
This is the results of the last beaver dam

Early spring in the north

On the Tuscobia- no mosquitos!!  No traffic- no noise-  I love spring

Always an adventure around here.  Lol. Looking to see have some warmth this weekend, but the fire danger is UP!!  Way up, so be careful people!!  It was an awesome walk, no one is camping yet, no ATVs on the trail yet, no mosquitos either!!  Talk about a joy.

Find your joy where ever you end up this lovely weekend!

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