Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I am a tired Art teacher again today.  I am not sure why I feel so sleepy, but I do.  I was even in bed a little before 10....

I was sitting here spacing out this morning, mulling over the whole 24 days thing- thinking about what piece of Italian Art I want to feature this morning- and my eyes FLEW wide open.  (note: this was a temporary wake up moment, I am back to sleepy already)  The Mad-oldest son and his family are coming in 2 days, like the DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!
Summer fun at the campground

This is fantastic, except I need to start thinking about things like food and such for the weekend.  And of course if they are coming, there is a more than even chance that the entire group of us will be all together somewhere over the course of the weekend as well.  It will be children and babies galore!!

Today, though, I have a long day of students and cleaning.  Suddenly I am feeling the need to get things put away, as I will not have the mental space to come back and do this after school is done.  I may end up having to one day, but I would prefer not to.  I am sure I will have to return to finish my orders, though, as I usually need to be in my room to visually see what I am low on.  I will have to up my hs order though, as I have TONS of students next year.  Goodness.

Crazy cows.....  lol
So, 24 days until we leave and yesterday I made not one action to organize myself or get ready....  lol.  I am such a procrastinator.  I did get a bunch of grading done at the elementary school, that sort of counts, right?

I have no insights into life or travel or school today.  I just need more coffee, people.  And today in the elementary we are going to get ready for turtle races the last week of school....  details to follow.

Be a joy giver today everyone!  And remember, coming up is an awesome LOOOONG weekend.  Rock on!

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