Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And 23, plus spring/summer has truly arrived

Full fledged, green leafed, growing grass spring/summer has arrived here at last!  Yesterdays rain resulted in some massive chlorophyll expansion in our great northwoods.  Seems a little over-dramatic, but this is truth.  It was a notable change over night.  This is good!

23 days to Italy.  I got around to doing some camera accessory shopping last night (if it isn't last minute, it isn't procrastination, right?) and now I have to push on to a few other things...  It will be hard to think about all things Italy when I have company this weekend, but that is ok too.  I am ready to think about all things Grandkiddos and my own kiddos and things like that.

I had a nice discussion with my Italy bound colleague yesterday and it was so exciting to listen to her talk about the general way things will go.  Also we are traveling with a group of 45- 3 groups from Cali and one from Texas.  Interesting! Hopefully next week we will have a more detailed itinerary.  I know I am very impatient.  

Today is the senior class trip- and the 8th grade roll ahead day  hour- holy smokes, I forgot about that.  Oh well.  I can talk my way through most anything.  

Press on people, it is Wednesday- long weekend ahead!  Keep on spreading the joy.  :)

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