Thursday, May 26, 2016

22 days- time is flying!

I realize that 3 weeks from tomorrow is lift off!  WHAT????  Now it is seeming more concrete and way less abstract.... If I didn't have so much going on, I might be having moments of panic, but I don't have time for panic!
These girls!  AND I hope to get pix of the 4 babies this weekend as well!!!

Tonight the Mad-oldest son and his family are coming!  I have a few groceries purchased and have plans after school to do a bit of straightening and possibly childproofing of the house, since certain adorable little children who may or may not be 3 years old will be here for 4 days.  I haven't seen them since Easter, and the MA has not met little miss Ava yet.  Tax season is a bummer sometimes. Anyway,  we will have company and I need to do a little prep work.  I am hopeful that they will be able to come and visit me at school on Friday!  Rumor has it that one certain little Ella was ready to come and see Grandma Debi and  Grampa Fred several days ago.  :) AND I get to see everyone, school really interferes with my Grandma role with these nearby kids as well.

I did some research and reading last night about some of the art I will be seeing.  I have decided to stop looking at a lot of the stops we will be at, and concentrate on the art of Florence and Rome.  I want to be surprised by some of it, want to just immerse myself in whatever sights and sounds and tastes (gelato in Venice)  that come my way.  I love having things somewhat out of my hands, as this rarely happens.  And it takes a while to surrender for me, but once I do- I'm good.

So Venice apparently besides the architecture and the gelato and such has a Peggy Guggenheim Museum of Modern art contained within it.  Seriously??  I LOVE modern art- I will have to see what happens there.  Might try to sneak a visit in there.  I know this is the country for all thing Renaissance, but if we have a nice collection of notable artists such as Miro, Braque, Picasso, Dali and the like, well.......  hmmmmm.  I'll play it by ear, though.

Anyway, I better get myself rolling here and get ready for school.  I should have some cleaning time today, but the other thing is it is the last day of class for the seniors. A sad/happy day for them, and hard to keep the rest of them on task.  But we have a limited number of days now to get our oil paintings done-ish.  And that is not taking drying time into account- rumor has it oil paintings never dry.  Lol.

Babies are in my future today- going to be a GREAT way to end the day.  A joy for sure!!!

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