Friday, May 27, 2016

Short update- and 3 weeks!

21 days....  3 weeks from today.  Wowza

Last night when I was laying awake and not falling asleep because of some cute little grand girls being in my house, (they safely arrived about 10:30)  I was assaulted by some odd pain in my tummy.  Of course it was nothing, as I woke up perfectly fine this morning.  However, I went there- what if I have an appendicitis attack and I have to have surgery and I can't go on my trip!!!  Seriously, you guys, I think I am almost to freakout mode.  I think I need medication- lol

I don't have much time today, as there could have been some early morning visiting with the Mad-oldest son..... but I do have time to think for a moment about that flight that will be happening in 3 weeks and where I will end up in about 4 weeks! Rome!

And that definitely will be  joy.

Happy Friday everyone!

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