Monday, May 30, 2016

Catching up and 18 days now....

WAIT,   WHAT??  18 days - I can hardly wrap my head around that.  This is seemingly happening very soon.....  a Captain Obvious statement I know, but wow! It is so hard to believe that I will get to use my passport for the first time in a mere 3 weeks, when I have been waiting for this for  over a year.  Things I learned about in art history are a mere short frantic time away!
All the grandkiddos

As suspected would happen, I had a few things on my plate the last few days, so no updates.  We had such a nice time with the kids here.  Even though it was raining a lot, we found time to get outside a little and we even went to see the Mad-middle son Greg and his family at his little farm.  Greg and Sarah have a little menagerie of animals there and continue to acquire the things to actually be a somewhat self-sufficient little farm.  I am sure the man who lived there for so many years would be happy to see someone use the barn and the land as intended.

feeding the chickens

Checking out the tractor with uncle Jon
Anyway, the weather didn't cooperate much, but we were able to have a nice time anyway.  Ava is just a little doll- such a happy little girl.  She smiles and smiles and is so content to be with anyone who is willing to talk to her, and she had lots of volunteers.  Ella would have stayed on my lap every moment but did manage to get down and play and have fun at Grandma Debi's.  Friday, they even came to see me at school!
Greggy! His poor little eye got bit by a little bug of some sort.

Ruthie was such a smilie girl!

Meanwhile, trip preparations keep moving along.  I have most of my non-clothing items purchased- except since I already have a memory card filled from my new camera- ahem, oh boy- I think I need to get another one, though I have received the 2 I ordered.  And maybe I should get a biggish one.  I am going to clear the things that are on my table in my back room and start laying out the things I want to take with me, so they are all in one place.  I have been putting things on my dresser and frankly, there is no more room on top of it!

This is puddle jumping at its finest

Trying to get everyone to look one way was a challenge  LOL
It is a gloriously beautiful day today here- I think I will have to get out for a walk....  and probably get in some weeding as well.  Coming up this week is a lot of finishing up at school.  I am going to finish up grades, finish cleaning my rooms ( my elem room is in pretty good shape!) and generally making sure I do not have to return to do a whole lot.  I do have to get my orders in by the time I leave, so that is my plan for the first week after school is out.

Grandpa found a bike for Ella!

Ava in the back seat with Grandma Debi

Omg, this cracks me up...

I got in lots of cuddle time with Ava

When Ella said- Let's go this way!- I said- Where are we going- To Uncle Gregs!!!  

It was a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to buttoning up the school year this week.  I can't believe it is here already, that year seriously went fast.

On to new adventures as we finish up others....  This weekend coming: Bayfield baby!!!  My partners in #haveanadventure and I are heading north soon.  I will be finding my joy again.

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