Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last week of school and 17 days

I look at this coming week with a mixture of dread and anticipation and just a touch of sad.  Even though I have been complaining about the behaviors of certain children in my life-ahemloudcough- it is always sort of bittersweet when another year is over.  I NEVER am able to get through everything that I want to, and then there is the matter of the kids who leave.  It seems that every year, through relocation or graduation, some of my favorite students leave the school.  I know that 3 of my elementary children are moving away- far away- and I won't see them again, most likely.  It is sad, but perhaps they are moving for a parent's new job or something positive.  I hope that is the case.  Meanwhile, I have a very exciting thing for the 4th and 5th grades to do- called turtle races.  I'll not discuss that at this time, just in case.....  haha  I like to do things mysteriously at times.

A lovely result from all the rain

Anyway, it will be odd to have no seniors at school this week, but we shall adjust just fine.Today will be a work day for everyone and then tomorrow, we begin the process of cleaning the hs art room.  As I told them, I didn't make this mess, I'm not cleaning the whole thing up.  I will probably have to come in to school one afternoon and finish the process, but since I have to do my requisitions anyway, it is tolerable, I suppose.  Most of us do not want to set foot in that building more than absolutely necessary until August.  However most of us end up finishing things during that first week after school is done.  Since I have plans for the end of June, I have to get it all done sooner rather than later.  I have been known to wait for a full week to go back to finish my stuff in the art room.

Holy smokes, it is June tomorrow!!  This is when stuff gets real!  17 days until the trip- last night I started thinking about food, and I have to memorize the Italian word vegetarian.  Lol  Heck, I could probably live off of gelato.  :)  I know the tour director has planned for my particular preferences as well as my sisters (we are not all that high maintenance, really) and the planned together meals are going to be of the authentic type- read: if I see any one going to a McDonalds they are getting lectured.  haha.  Actually I will be so busy and occupied that I am not paying attention to what others are doing.  I hope my sister is ready for tourist Debi, who never wants to sit!  I figure I can sleep when I get home- and the more exhausted I am the more likely I will be able to fall asleep.

Meanwhile, I have been watching the weather for up here, as usually the day after school is finished my good friends and I go to Bayfield and celebrate the end of the school year.  HOWEVER, it is looking like rain all weekend.  I am sure a decision will be made soon, but if we have to put this event off until Monday, I am still available for trips to the north!  Wednesday- I have appointments frequently through the day, and I am not sure what the rest of the week brings.  I HAVE to go out of town to do some clothing shopping next week, so things are filling up.

On a fun note, I  reconnected with my cousin Gilbert yesterday.  He has a cabin way up north and he stopped by on the way home.  That was so nice and he will be stopping by again when he gets up there!  I used to see him and my cousins connie and Shirley maybe once a month  or 6 weeks when we were young, our families were pretty close.

Anyway, I suppose I should get myself prepping for school today.  After a perfect day yesterday, it is looking decidedly unsettled here.  Really we don't need more rain today, but apparently I don't get to choose!  Probably our newly planted tomato plants would appreciate the water.

So, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  It will end up being a short work week- which will be great for all of us.  And that really will be a joy.

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