Thursday, June 9, 2016

8 days yet

I am existing in an interesting world right now.  I am trying not to hurry along my summer, and am indeed wallowing in the land of- what day is it??- which is always such a good feeling.  The end of school requires a suspension of time, and I am happy to be in that suspension.  However, I have a appointment this morning and I just had to write a business type letter (long story) and so now I have to zip through this post, as I have to leave for a footsie appt. in Minocqua in a few.  One of my feet had been acting up, is a bit better, but thought I could check it out before I go on a nice long trip.  YAY
My last trip into school- I think

So, quickly, last night we had our final pre-trip meeting and I am even more excited!  We got our itinerary, including the hotels, which I promptly googled when I got home.  I also did that mini-presentation for the students and I guess the adults, and it seemed to be well perceived.  The kids didn't boo and hiss, and no one gave me the rolling eye death look....  so, all was good.  I think.  So EXCITING NEWS- I know exactly when I get to see the David, I know we are going to see the Uffizi gallery, and as long as I get to see in Firenze (Florence) all the things that I need to see, well, life is super good. I will happily go anywhere people want to go, as long as it isn't anything like a mall...... or a fast food restaurant....
And in my free time.....

I got some errands done yesterday, and I am feeling slightly more calm. slightly.  But you can bet that I will be doing a lot more research in the coming few days.

After this appointment today, which following I will get to have lunch with the MA, I will be sticking close to home.  And spending a little time with the accountant who has not seen me much the last week. And I want to clean up another flower bed and get in some more walks and a bike ride and such things as this.   And find all the joy I can in these next few days!

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