Friday, June 10, 2016

And we are down to a week! Wow!!!!

So, how many more surprised/excited exclamative phrases can I use during this process?  None of them now seem to be good enough.  The Wow in the title above definitely is not the effect that I would like to capture- as it relates to how I feel.  So you all just roll with it, and extrapolate.  :)


Discussions with people who have traveled to Italy, and those who have not, and those who are going to, have filled my days lately, and it certainly adds to the excitement I have been feeling.  The anticipation is part of the experience of enjoyment, and I hope that these same people are going to be willing to be involved in debriefing as well.  I have been super busy the last 4 days, doing lots of things here and there, and doing a bit of wheel spinning as well- but all along the way I have been yakking about this trip.  I am trying so hard to stop or wait to start, so I can be a good conversationalist and do my share of listening.  I don't know how well that has been working out. But I am really trying!

I thought yesterday, that today I could spend the whole day here- finally.  But no, I made plans for part of the morning. This is fine, it is with a good friend who I have not seen for a long time and we seriously need to catch up.  She is a bit busy, and I feel the need to be at home, so I don't plan to be gone a long time from my house.  Just the thought of leaving - AGAIN- is making me twitchy, but I will relax and enjoy myself.

Speaking of enjoying, I sucked down an Italian Margarita last night faster than you can say Ciao!  That particular libation is made with amaretto instead of triple sec, then tequila and in this case margarita mix.  I did NOT have a second one, or I'd be waking up across town at Paula's house instead of in my own little bed.  The three of us female-type adult Italy travelers (I wish the Mad-Seester Rose could have come) had a nice little Italian supper, along with the afore mentioned drinks, and discussed at length some of the issues we felt needed to be hashed over.  Specifically- the trip as it pertains to Florence (HA- In Firenze it is all about me!!), packing/buying and running through things that the students might need to know and writing them all down. We also discussed what books to put on our devices so we have something to read on the plane.

I am trying now to not make plans to do anything, beyond a manicure, until I actually leave.  I FINISHED- sort of- shopping for stuff.  I am over this.  It seems unlikely, but I am done shopping for everything.  I can't order anything else online and expect it to be here by Wednesday.  Other than the walking sandals I will find on Wednesday or Thursday, I don't PLAN to buy anything else.... but we know how that goes!

It was nice to have that lovely evening with my fellow travelers, as it gave me a little picture of what will be happening on the tour.  Besides the two museums I REALLY need to see, I am going to be a go with the flow girl.  No laughing now, but it is true.  I am also hoping to not be hopelessly lost- and to combat that, I did get my international travel  data plan for my phone, because we all know that I need that.  There are definitely plusses to this, as I get to text as much as I like (to a couple mad-friends -probably in the middle of the night or somethings, since we will be 8 hours ahead) and I will have a little data to  use if not in wifi.  Do not expect a blow by blow Facebook and Instagram flood, though, as I do not plan to post more than a maximum of once a day.  Probably less than that.

I have virtually every single thing crossed off my list, other than the actual packing process.  WHEW!  and week to go.

So what am I thinking about today as far as art in Italy?  The three of us put our heads together over a map of Firenze last night, and we were looking for the trifecta of fabulous- that would be the Accademia  museum, the Uffizi museum and the winery (HAHA) called Antinori, and I noted the number of Piazzas that were there.  MANY!  And where there are piazzas, there is outdoor art.  Well, what could be better??  Other than the actual David statue??  I know, right?  An outdoor museum is what it is.

Today, I have to do some photo editing, as I have a pile of pictures from Bayfield and Madeline Island  that have not been dealt with at all. This needs to change!! But first I need to piddle around and straighten up my house a bit and walk through my gardens and maybe do a little weeding...  I found a poppy bloomed yesterday and also a few other flowers.  I am leaving my point and shoot  camera here, and will give the MA instructions on how to use it.  He can take photos of things that I might miss. We shall see how this goes, lol.

Anyway, I better sign off for now and see what I can get myself into.  And what joy I can find.

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