Saturday, June 11, 2016

6 days away now

As a strange calm falls over the Mad-Art teacher.....  yes, this is setting the stage for some uncharted territory, here.  My previous big adventures have found me reacting in a similar way: running around to different places shopping for necessities that are not usually part of my daily life,  spinning my wheels, moving things around and making lists and not actually accomplishing a whole lot, feeling anxious and nervous and not sleeping well/at all....  Well, I have already reached all of these pinnacles of self-induced hysteria- so now what?

So much beauty here on Madeline Island
There were 2 other time that caused my similar reactions: My boundary waters trip and my Denver trip.  You would think I would have done this for the band and choir excursions that I went on when the kids were in High School, but I did not.  Probably because I had a minimum of one other person to be concerned about, or more likely, these were not quite so far out of my comfort zone.

The Boundary Waters involved camping and things I hadn't done since I was a kid.  It also was something that I never EVER saw myself doing, in my wildest dreams.  At that time I was doing that cliché "discover myself" sort of thing after losing some weight and gaining my present fitness level.  Cliché or not, it was a life changing period of time: I discovered the real person inside me was not afraid of everything, and more importantly, it was discovering that I can do what I want in spite of being afraid.
Had the beach to ourselves 

Denver was flying for the first time and making sure I could navigate life without getting totally lost (and you can read that as on whatever sort of level you would like).  Flying is something I do like!  And getting lost is par for my course, so fortunately I will be with a lot of people and most importantly: that international calling plan.  Haha.  Hello, cute tour director, Daniele??  This is Debi.  Again.  Can you help me find my way back to the hotel?  Again.  Could happen!  We will not discuss whether or not wine was involved.

Anyway, both trips have found me similarly affected but this time I went through the whole thing a week in advance.  I think it was because school was keeping me from dealing with most of the things I wanted to do/buy/think about and once it was done- Bam!   Uncontrolled mental chaos and panic.
And pretrip freaking out, which I am super good at.
Rocks and trees

So here I am today, feeling like I pretty much have things under control!  It is the FIRST day since school has finished that I have NOT had plans for the day.  I have a few ideas for what I want to do today, but nothing is set in stone.  Sort of like my actual first day of summer vacation has finally arrived.  The things left on my list are few- one I have to get clear plastic bags for my carry on, not green tinted and set up my little kindle thingy and download some books.  And talk to my sister, who just finished school and is behind me in the whole whattheheckdoIneedandwheredoIbuyit point in preparations.  She has the luxury of living in an area that actually HAS these things and doesn't have to Prime everything.  But still, I know that feeling.

I was hoping to get out into my kayak sometime in the next couple days.  Today does not look likely, it is super humid here- foggy even, and the weather will be a bit unsettled again.  I am hoping for tomorrow!  It has been a couple weeks and I really want to get out there.  It might have to wait though.  Otherwise, I am going to lay out the clothes I am going to wear, finish up odds and ends here and there, and generally organize a few things.  And just enjoy a day of doing what I want.

We all stand like this on the ferry- enthralled and absorbed 
Speaking of that, I did sit and edit some Madeline Island photos last night while watching a Netflix show- Person of Interest.  Well that is a good series!  And I didn't get much editing done as you don't just listen to that particular program.  You have to give it some attention!

Anyway, I suppose I should be getting on with my morning here.  Whatever that morning brings will be fine.  As long as I can find some joy in the mix!  And you need to as well!  :)

Last night's sunset
*no art in Italy today as I got myself lost in reliving the Boundary Waters.  


  1. We were up in northern MN last week by Grand Rapids area. Saw the most beautiful purple and orange sunset one evening ... similar to the one you posted ... but heavier clouds ... and I didn't have my camera with ... I know ... hard to believe. Thanks for conjuring up the memory :)

    1. Oh Grand Rapids is such a lovely area, I used to spend a few weeks each summer in Walker, near Leech Lake. Always have your camera Mel- just sayin'! ;)

  2. Debi, I am so excited for you! I did the Grand Tour of Europe in my 20s (twice). It was fabulous then, but I was sort of a naïve traveler. And it was different then. I was gone for over a month the first time and remember scheduling a intercontinental telephone call (they had to be scheduled then), to affirm to my parents I was all right. Credit cards were just in their nascence and I certainly wouldn't have had one, so I cashed traveler's checks betting on the exchange rate changes to get the best rates. I had a Fodor's Travels book pointing out all the cheapest/best value places to eat and sleep and which sights to definitely not miss!

    Michelangelo's David will be bigger than you expect. Some of the best things I discovered by accident. I hope your trip allows for some spontaneity.

    I found the Italian people gregarious, friendly, and helpful.

    Florence was my favorite, and be sure to check out Murano glass.

    Have such a good time!

    1. Oh thank you so much Rachelle! I am excited beyond belief. It is nice to have the easy options of debit cards, cell phones with a brief international plan, and a tour so I don't have to plan for the travel part of it. there is free time built in to the tour, and I will be making the most of my days. This tour the director tries to arrange for some spontaneous stops and things like that for added excitement.
      We will be seeing glass, leather making and other things I am not aware of yet.
      And there could possibly be a vineyard/olive orchard stop or two in the works. :D
      Thank you so much for your well wishes.