Sunday, June 12, 2016

T minus 5 days to take off

I had sort of an off day yesterday--  I was strangely tired (gee- I wonder why) and right before I picked up my keys to run to the gym for a quick workout, I got dizzy.  Not cool, man.  Fortunately, I figured out that it was from a stuffy sinus and perhaps a bit of a sore neck, and I was able to eventually solve the problem with Ibuprofen and Sudafed.    I actually took a NAP, and that is with Sudafed in me and that stuff keeps me awake.  Those of you in the know understand how unusual this whole thing is.  But I went to bed and slept like a log for once, so I guess I needed to rest.

We also went to see the grandkiddos and their lovely mom and dad, plus exchange a few items back and forth.  Always nice to see them- little Ruthie was in fine form and has apparently gotten over her "stranger danger" phase, as I didn't provoke any crying or looks of distress.  We had a good old time playing and laughing and having fun together.  Little Greggy was his usual busy self, and is always so entertaining.  Greg and Sarah-Jane were looking a bit tired, they have a lot to do setting up their little farm and they use their days to the fullest.

So back to the preparations, such as they are at this point, I spent a good hour discussing life and packing with my Seester-Rose and then an additional almost that long discussing life and other things with my Mad-Missouri friend!  After which I took the nap, lol.  I have now shifted my focus to using all my veggies up in the refrigerator, finding little things that need dealing with in the house, pointing out to the MA what plants need supervising inside and out, and making a mental list of some things that I need to get at the grocery store to begin the almost 2 weeks that I will be out of the house. Not that he isn't a big boy and can take care of himself, mind you, but at least it will be a few days before he starts mooching off his children or eating at McDonalds.  LOL- kidding, that probably won't happen much at all.

Last night I decided to look into more travel locations- shocking, I know- and began by looking into the Sorrento/Capri region, but that is not a place to see "things" it seems like that is a place to look at the scenery.  Which is fine with me!  So I did a little search about Rome- and found the Roman Forum!  This is a place that is going to push all of my buttons.  Columns, antiquity, ruins......  ah yes. I can hardly believe that I am saying I will be seeing these let alone imagine being there.  SO FREAKING COOL.

One place I have not even looked at yet is Assisi. No idea what is happening there, but if it is on the tour, there must be some redeeming qualities. Right??  (LETS GO BACK TO FLORENCE!!) (shameless link to David again) HAHA.  Seriously though, I have been telling everyone that after I get my fix of Florence, the rest of it I am going to be a non-interfering art teacher (quit laughing) and go with the flow.  I actually love just going along and letting stuff happen, it really is fun to relinquish all control and go with it.  I find it quite easy to step out of my teacher and parent mode and become a different person all together.  Doesn't happen much, but I can play that role!

I have a couple things on my agenda today, so I suppose I should work on them sooner rather than later.  The day is supposed to begin nicely, with rain forecast for later.  Maybe would be a good morning to go and remove a few weeds from the flower garden before the MA decides that he should take it upon himself to rip off the tops and not invest the time to get the roots of said weeds out.  We shall see how this all goes!

Mostly, I have to keep my mind from running off into panic mode and keep making little lists that I can accomplish in a timely fashion.  And do the things on my list RIGHT AWAY instead of waiting for the last minute- not that I do things like that or anything......  hehehe.

So until tomorrow, or later, or whenever- Be a joy giver everyone

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