Monday, June 13, 2016

F.O.U.R. D.A.Y.S.

My goodness, I am on the home stretch here!  Yesterday was a day of gardening and doing some things around the house and such.  Not a lot of excitement, but that is ok too.  Today I should get the last of my Amazon order and I will see what MORE I want to do around the house.
A little peace and tranquility in green- my hosts, gentian, lilies and a peek of a dark perennial geranium

I began gathering the bags and suitcases I plan to use to get to my dear Seester's house- and there, apparently, I will find a selection of luggage sizes that will appropriately fit my packing needs.  Mostly I need to leave room for additions to my luggage while over there.  I am thinking a hoodie or t-shirt might be coming home with me! Certainly we plan to ship some of the local consumable items home as a group.  And yes, we mean wine! Plus some olive oil/olives as well.

I am getting to the point, now, that I feel like I am somewhat prepped for this trip.  Both in terms of having all this stuff together and also in the being aware of some of the things that I am going to see.  I did a little looking and one of the things that is a must see during a walking tour of Rome is the Trevi Fountain.   AND I discovered that there are several "live cams" there.  I am a fan of the Bayfield Inn Live cam, I can be transported there and watch the ferry travel across and just feel generally at home, envious,  weepy, PIE!!,  relaxed when I tune in.

I am amazed when I look at the above number of 4!  I remember sharing with a few people the fact that I had loaded up a countdown app on my phone- maybe in January?- when there was about 140 days to the trip.  Heck I remember knowing that the tour was approximately 548 days away!  And it was decided that time would fly and then suddenly it would be only  a few days away and I would be freaking out.  Lol, oh some people are always right.

I really think that I have enjoyed the anticipation of this trip as much and fully as possible.  Doing a little art research has made this particularly rich, and I feel pretty peaceful now.  I am just waiting for the mailman and my Amazon order!

I hope you are on your way to a spectacular week, everyone!  One that should be filled with some summer time joy!  It is my wish for you today.

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