Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 days and tomorrow

Tomorrow I begin my journey by heading to my Seester-Rose's house!  My plan is to leave in the afternoon (early-ish) to get to the Radio Drive area of Woodbury, shop for a few last things during the rush hour, and then zip around the south side of the cities to her place after about 6.  That should work pretty well to accomplish what I need and not feel rushed to get out of the house in the morning!  I will be gone long enough, I thought I would hang out for one more lunch with the MA and get that last minute laundry and such done.

This marble sculpture is called the Laocoön- it is from ancient Greek times and is housed in the Vatican museum.   It was found in the early 1500's and was highly influential on the artists of the Renaissance. Imagine this being dug up by a farmer in a vineyard.  More can be read about this here  Just when I said I was not going to do any more reading!  HA
This cloudy weather of late is definitely a bummer.  I know its all good we are not in a drought and all, but I just heard that we have gotten 8-12 inches of rain in the last month..... not surprised by those numbers.  I really need to get a walk in today- I had a time falling asleep last night.  My brain is doing that thing where it just is firing off random pictures/songs/thoughts at high speed when I lay down..... obviously I did not get enough exhausting exercise in.

Last night I got caught up reading about long airplane flights, and have decided not to read about anything like that any more.  I really do not need to know.  I can just do it.  Same thing with reading about the art of Italy- I am done reading.  I have read quite a bit, I have my tour book if I need to read more about places in general, but I am ready to experience it all.  I have been in a state of anticipation for a year and a half and now I am ready to go!  All I have to do now is shove stuff into a suitcase and go!

I have plenty to keep me busy today, though. I'll make a cake for the MA, since well- cake- and tomorrow morning finish the laundry for myself, mostly.  I will go wish my friend Luann Happy Birthday, I will go for the afore mentioned walk....  I will lay out all my clothes for real, this time, and assemble a list of sorts that I might need to finish by the end of the day.  Though I will make that effort to do those things as I think of them.

Anyway, what I want to do is spend the day doing things that I want to do and relaxing, just a little bit.  I am trying not to rush away my days here before I leave, but it is so hard when the adventure is about to begin!  Have an incredibly joyful day!

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