Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lets get this party started! 2 days!

I am not feeling very wordy this morning- as I am really overwhelmed with the things I need to do today.  Fortunately the list really isn't super long, as my new method of doing all things on said list as soon as possible after adding them to the list has worked wonders.  Don't ANY of you (yeah I am talking to you!) think that this is a permanent change or anything- that sort of thing probably won't stick with me.  Because disorganized chaos is part of my charm.  hehehe

Disorganized,  charming chaos- I am a dish of flowers!
Anyway, (forgive my Captain Obvious moments here) I can not believe I am down to the number 2 on my countdown app and amazingly enough that will change to a 1 here in about 4 hours!  The range of emotions I have felt- just in the last 10 minutes even- has been astounding.  So when I find myself way, way out there, I bring myself back to the present and attempt to let sanity rule.  Having a lot of battles between the logical and emotional side right now.

It is time for me to finish up my packing- at least as far as I can here- and straighten up the house a little.  That will serve to make sure I have not forgotten anything. I am having moments of "do I have enough money" which is always something my brain goes to right away.  I am hoping for enough appropriate clothing, that I will be able to find the right pair of walking sandals today, that I will not hit bad weather (I don't think I will), that I will sleep at least a few moments on that plane....

And this is the time that I am going to let it all go and just go with it.  I will make sure I have all my belongings with me and beyond the packing and all, I just need to relax into it.  What happens, happens.  If I sleep I do and if I don't, I have a book to read.  I will enjoy my trip.

So many people have offered so much advice and I really do appreciate it!  You are all so awesome.  I will be using my camera every day, but don't you all worry- it will not be up to my face every moment.  I will be absorbing all the things that will be happening and that I will be seeing, because that is how I roll.  I am such an in the moment person, for better or for worse.  If I am in charge of a situation I will always be thinking of the next thing, but in this case- I am not in charge.

I am looking forward to being in a country that does not have English as it's primary language.  To seeing things that are so much older than anything we have here- things that I learned about in Art History class that seemed so far away and unreachable.  I am looking forward to having such new experiences and ready to embrace the change that will come to my way of viewing things.  Every time I have an adventure that gives me such anticipation, I find that I look  at things in a different way.  That way isn't easy to describe or pinpoint, but it is a new way to experience life and finding some joy in it.  This trip for me is to continue living a larger life.  I began this quest for "more" with my Boundary Waters trip a few years ago, I dabbled in it  a bit when I went on my children's band and choir trips with them.... I definitely immersed myself during my Denver trip last year.  I am stretching my boundaries and seeing where the outskirts lie.  Living a bigger life has given me such joy, and it was beginning when I started this blog even.  Pushing at my boundaries, taking on a personal stance of bravery and doing things  that make me afraid- even if it is clinging to a tree in unusual places, in a location that is way too close to the edge of something.  I don't want to fall over, but inside me,  I want to get as close as I can.  And I am creeping ever closer- my comfort zone has ventured out a bit. I am READY!

So as I spend the morning in a whirlwind of activity, packing up my car, fussing over little things that I really should just leave alone, I will be trying to not imagine what will happen Friday.   I want to be surprised.  Lol.  I am actually so excited about seeing a different airport!  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  HAHAHA  Actually- go ahead.  I really am not worried.  I am anxious to see what one of those big airplanes look like- want to see the clouds from the airplane again.  Try to sleep in an upright position! Land in a new place unlike one I have been in.  My wish is that every time I do these new things, my excitement and anticipation for them does not fade.  The waiting has been exquisite torture, and I love it!

I will most likely post another tomorrow from Minneapolis, but not sure about Friday!!  We shall see what happens.  Maybe I will do a selfie from the car on the way to the airport at 6 am.  Lol  You just never know.

Until tomorrow, have a super joyful and maybe just a little bit of an adventurous day.

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