Wednesday, June 8, 2016

9 days and counting and puddle jumping

One of the ferries in the evening light

A week from today I am leaving to go to my sister's house for final preparations for my trip and absolute, total convenience - I won't have to get up at 3am (or maybe earlier??) to get to school to get on a van to get to the airport on Friday like the rest of my travel companions.  And the twin cities is going to be a good place to pick up any last minute things that might be needed for this adventure.  Not that I am obsessing 24/7 or anything, oh no.

Meanwhile, I have to make up that little presentation for the students on the trip- because I said I would, not because I HAVE to.  It does help to have some vocab introduced in an architecture heavy area such as Italy!! Of course we would all be just fine if I didn't do anything at all, but might as well take advantage of the stuff I have been looking up all this time.

A recreation of last years selfie with friends
As you can tell by the photos, I did indeed get up to Bayfield yesterday.  I had a really nice time after I settled myself into it.  The first part of the trip I was restless and anxious.  I was absolutely enjoying the company and the conversation and the laughs that we always have together, not to mention some shopping and eating of super good food, and a really good walk.  But I am needing some time to myself, in my house, doing stuff alone and fortunately that will happen today, in between appointments and such.  When I have a lot on my mind, I withdraw a little and yesterday I had to do my best to stay with them.

Lovely day in Bayfield

We had a nice time eating breakfast at Coco's, standing on the dock in Bayfield, shopping around in town, stopping by the coffee shop and even getting a little private tour of a wonderful new business in town......  but what a relief to finally step out on to the ferry.  Well in my case and that of the Mad-Science teacher, crawled out the other door, as we could not get out ours....  lol parking issue on the ferry.  We drove over to the Town Park, and it was awesome. I finally relaxed, taking pictures, laying on the beach, dipping my feet in the COLD waters of Lake Superior....  it was great.

I have much better photos of this to come.  Some of the rock cliffs on Madeline Island

So, in the mid afternoon, we decided to go for a walk from the Big Bay Town Park to the Big Bay State park.  We knew it was a long walk, but that was ok, other than the fact we hadn't eaten since 9:30, but oh well.  It worked out fine in the end.  The weather was quite cool, but the sun was so nice and warm.  I apologize for the phone pictures, I did not get a chance to edit my other pictures yet.  SO we ended up walking 7 miles, and a bunch of it was through the muddy and in some cases, podlike, path of the state park.  Another thing to do today- wash my tennis shoes.
THIS was part of the path- obviously we were forced to go around.  We took the "short cut" back to the board walk path- maybe not our finest moment

So when we finished our walk, and puddle jumping, we got in the car and headed back to the docks..... and arrived there at 6:11 and the ferry had just left at 6......  so change all supper plans as we were on the island then until 7:30.  And there was a grand total of ONE place open to eat.  The tourist season there really does not get going until late June, so there was not a lot of people around- and consequently, not a lot of open businesses at 6. But we found one restaurant and it was a very good choice and with very good food- and seriously some of the best onion rings I ever shared with friends.  We INHALED that food- it had been a long time since breakfast.  We now have a list of things we must always take with us on these trips, which includes some sort of food, binoculars and bandaids.  Lol

It was nice to make it home just as the sun was going down- right around 9:10 or so.....  The weather had finally been nice, the drive home was good and I woke up this morning not one bit sore from the hike.  Of course I woke up a LOT, and it took a long time to settle down and go to sleep.  But that isn't too unusual for me anyway, oh how I envy people who can fall asleep most any time and anywhere....

Anyway, now I have to switch my brain over to this Italy thing and I am afraid when I do, I won't be able to sleep for other reasons...  I need to add some photo editing to my list today too, as looking at these iPhone pictures is making my eye twitch a little.  I have some goodies on the SD card I think.

I may be posting again today, depending on how wrapped up I get in things.

Until then, or tomorrow morning, have yourself a joyful day!


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