Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bayfielding and scrambling- 10 days

Things are getting real on Omaha Road, people.  I am beginning to actually get some things together for my trip on a table in my hall way, yesterday, I began some shopping in earnest!  I am starting to feel a little out of sorts, what I really need is a day at home alone and that won't be happening for a while. I have't been able to kayak for 2 weeks, haven't taken many photos, just haven't done my usual Debi things, but at least I have school crossed off  my list.

In Minocqua at the Bearskin trail

Today, I have a trip with my dear friends to Bayfield...  It is not our ideal Bayfield weather, but we will still have a good time.  I will definitely be excited to get up to Coco's and Big Water Coffee and to Madeline Island.  Once I get on that ferry, I think my mind might finally relax and enjoy.  Being up there is like going to another dimension- it is easy to forget about anything that is happening 90 miles to the south.  I am excited to try out the camera in some of my familiar places, but really want to try shooting in a new place of some sort too.  We shall see what we find!!

It was a lot nicer out than these photos show
IN 10 DAYS I will begin my journey but actually in 8 days I will be leaving here to head to my sisters.  I am heading to her house sometime next Wednesday, so I can be there for a full day of prep before we have to head out on Friday.  The thinking is that I can sleep well the night before..... we shall see how that goes!  And we have our own personal chauffeur who will drop us off and pick us up!  #ftw!!

Because yesterday I spent virtually the whole day with the Mad-English teacher and then the evening also with the Mad-Science teacher, I did not get a chance to look at art again.  But I have another Michelangelo in mind- and seriously at this point I don't remember whether I have posted it or not, so besides the Michelangelo AND the Donatello Davids, these are the other pieces of sculpture I really want to see. We talked about this a LOT in Art History, in fact in a couple of the classes I took.  It shows the creative process of the artist and really is something that is of interest to me.

The Mad-English teacher and I made the best of the not particularly pretty weather yesterday and had breakfast at The Island Cafe in Minocqua and went on to shop a while in Rhinelander and eventually walk on a very nice hiking and biking trail near downtown Minocqua. Followed by supper with him and the Mad-Science teacher and it was a great day.

Anyway, I need to get ready for another adventure, so I better finish this off!  It is looking a bit cloudy out, I surely hope that it gets sunny later.  Lots of things to do, I need to stop constantly looking at what I have to do tomorrow and then tomorrow and then tomorrow and really enjoy the day I have in front of me.  It is how I had a fantastic summer last year that did not go fast at all and how I plan to spend this summer as well.  Because summer vacation is everything and believe me, teacher everywhere need to have a good one.  And so do you!  Find your joy in your Tuesday!

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