Monday, June 6, 2016

Officially school's out!!!!!! 11 days!!

I would be out on that deck taking a selfie of me in the warm sunshine, gloating over the first day of official summer vacation, but I would be a little cold out there today.  And there is no actual sunshine right now.  Perhaps a peep of sun, but nothing celebratory, let me tell you.  However, one way or another- I will be having a moment of fun, as the Mad-English teacher is on his way up.  Mother Nature is not cooperating with our Bayfield trip, but it looks like finally tomorrow will be working.

This was the cloud bank headed my way yesterday!  I beat it home though I was a mile away

Wednesday is sort of my cut off date for goofing off, as after that I have some appointments and stuff in the works, and I have to do some serious organizing so I can go on a shopping trip if I need to.

Done done done

ANYWAY,  I am DONE with my 2015-16 school year including ordering supplies for my 2016-17 school year.  I don't have to go back except to water my tree next week and then after that I guess it is a. on its own and b. hopefully my janitor friends will water it once a week.  That was a big relief yesterday, when I finally finished.  I did most of it at school in the morning, but I packed it in at 11:30 after 3 hours and came home.  I finished it during one of the many rain events yesterday- which was good, as I could sit and think about what I was missing.

So as near as I can figure, I should be seeing the Michelangelo "David" 2 weeks from today or tomorrow....  Epic stuff people!!!  AND a few days after that we will be stopping by Pompeii- which I can't even speak about.  Wow.  SO cool.

Last night it took me a long time to calm my brain down and stop thinking thinking thinking about all this stuff.  I have a feeling this is going to be my normal for a while.  So I should get going and begin my day, I have some things!  :)

Have yourself a joyful day!

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