Sunday, June 5, 2016

12 days!! WHAT???

I was rousing myself from the sleep of the dead after a marathon art room cleaning session....  when I heard the little riff of my text messaging.  I almost always get in a nice chat session with my dear Mad-Missouri friend in the morning.  It is sort of how we ground ourselves for the day.  After virtually mainlining an extra strong  ( which I have since watered down a little for the delicate-of-tongue who lives in the house) cup of coffee (YAY FOR BIGWATER COFFEE) and a nice long chat with her- which may be on going still- and some messaging with the Mad-English teacher who is making his way north soon, I am ready to write this!
A finished elementary art room- I have two more of those in the high school

I cleaned my art rooms yesterday, and I am still exhausted.  When I say cleaned, I do not mean washed anything in any way.  I mean put away and pick up and store and throw away stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  I have 3 rooms and while the kids did help me and did an admirable job, I had lots to do!  So I spent most of yesterday's rainy, icky weather inside the school.  Fortunately, the Mad-Science teacher was in there too and we kept each other moving and then made sure we were out of there by mid-afternoon.

So, then I started doing stuff at home, and then I found myself playing word with friends, as I was a worn out little puppy.

Last night I didn't accomplish a whole bunch, and I did not even pick up a book or look at a website.  So I am skipping the art connection today.  My mind is on my orders and how when I finish them I will be free, so that needs to happen before I can relax and enjoy the next steps.

So I am sort of freaking out a little, as some of you have guessed.  ;)  I have a big ole list that I have begun and it is going onto the second page. so, for the mind clutter to begin to have a focus, I have to put this other thing behind me.  So that is going to happen.  Like Meow!!

So, have a happy Sunday!  I am counting on the weather getting sunny later so I can get outside and get in some walking- you know- Italy-training!  YES!!!  And that will be a joy.

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