Saturday, June 4, 2016

13 days- mind clutter abounds

Instead of my usual end of school euphoria, I am feeling like nothing is over yet.  My synapses are firing like crazy, and that led to not the most restful sleep and waking at 5 am thinking I had to go to work today....  **massive eyeroll**  If it was not raining  for the millionth time in the last 3 weeks, I would be on my way to BAYFIELD right now.  GRRRRR.  That particular trip helps me put a period onto the end of the school year sentence....  oh well.  I will go in and finish my rooms up today, use the rainy day in a useful way.

And this, boys and girls,  is what it looks like when it is not raining 

So we had some excitement in our town yesterday, and while rumors circulated wildly,  (some of the younger peeps around are sure that this only happens up here- LMAO- oh you guys will understand someday- things are exactly the same everywhere) there were a couple guys who were in some way involved in a drug bust- and wow that story has swung back and forth a few times- ran off into the woods behind the McDonalds.  One was caught by the police dogs (I bet that was not fun) and the other gave himself up after spending the day in the mosquito infested, rainy, wet glory that are the swamps of northern Wisconsin.  AND they were from Florida, so I bet he got a little cold too.  The effect of all of this is that our town was in a soft lock down for the morning, the kids at school were having a heart FAILURE over the thought of having to stay in the building even a minute longer than they had to, and it generally gave everyone a vague sense of unease.  As stupid as this sounds, (and we all know that I just don't care how stupid any of my ramblings sound) I was a little creeped out by the whole thing when I went to get the mail after the MA got home.  And then I find out way later the second guy was caught/gave up down the road from here - probably a half mile.....  All this mostly took place about 1.5 miles away.  BUT our law enforcement did a great job and seriously they are such good people.  So, a big thanks to them.

Any who, last night I did a little relaxing- perhaps had a yummy glass of adult liquid refreshment as we watched some goofy movie (crocodile dundee?? I really didn't watch much) and I read up on a bunch of Italy stuff (shocking, I know).  I am going to make up a little tiny presentation for the students on Wednesday when we have our final pre-italy meeting, so I have been searching for a good image to use  to introduce some of the architectural features that a guide may discuss  Architecture is not my gig, except I do enjoy a good Greek Doric column or a variation thereof, but I am giving it my best efforts.  I had to find myself a highlighter last night, as I can hardly not highlight the parts I find important in each section- oh that higher education stuff is always bubbling under the surface.  I believe we may not be seeing a whole lot of Gothic architecture, so I don't have to discuss flying buttresses or anything (I LOVE THAT STUFF THO) but there are lots of Renaissance things to review and some ancient-- so some basics will be fine. Post and lintel, arches, columns, domes, blah blah blah.  I'm going for the "whet your interests" sort of effect, instead of the "eyes rolling into the back of your head with drool forming on the corner of your mouth" effect.  hehe

So I was thinking about what I was going to link for my art feature of Italy for today- I can't help but think about all those equestrian statues.  I just loved learning about them back when I was in my dark sleepy art history class that was God Forbid at 9 in the am usually. What the hell were those professors thinking??  I had 2- 3 Tabs lined up in front of me on some days, depending on the night before- just to stay awake.  Wow, that is a blast from the past!  First- omg- Tab- ew. That was some nasty junk- ugh.  And second- well, I don't drink soda anymore, so that gives me sort of a moment too.... Anyway, as cliché as it may seem, even back there I was all about the horses!

My plan for the day is to finish my rooms and then see what happens.  I could be at school all day depending on how involved I get in this.  But it is all good.  I am actually really looking forward to reading my Michelangelo book this afternoon.  And I will start laying all my stuff out for the trip!!  Woo HOO  Talk about a joy!!!

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