Friday, June 3, 2016

School's out baby!! AND 2 WEEKS!!!

WHAT?? 2 weeks??????  SERIOUSLY??  I am blown away this morning.  That seems silly since I have been doing a count down now for what?  2 weeks I guess.  But I know it is Friday and when I went to figure the weeks instead of days- well, that is amazing.  The one pressing thing on my list is the need to go shopping for a few items of clothing now- and shoes.  
Little spider I saw on a daisy during my walk last night

AND I found this awesome book- which is really good and has a great narrative style of writing.  Someone reminded me, yesterday, of the amazing works of Michelangelo that I will be seeing, and this will be a highlight of my trip.  I studied so much Renaissance art when I was in college and did so many papers or essay questions about it, that I am in awe that I get to see it in person.

woo hoo!

Anyway, I am also THRILLED TO SAY IT IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  The turtle races yesterday had some uneven results.  I think most of the kids had fun, but indeed I had a cryer, and a bad sport, and they were questioning my judgment as to who won or lost....  and even negotiating over the treat they got.  **eyeroll**  So yeah, this is why I haven't done this in 5 years and why I won't again for a while.  I believe I will have to come in on Saturday and finish up the elem. art room, as I have to do grades today after the kids leave at noon.

Almost clean- but a set back yesterday after turtle races... lol

I have to zip off here, I am needing to get myself ready for this last day!  While it is sad to see the end of one year, I will indeed see them - or at least most of them- next year again, and there will be a new round of joy.  
Rock on people!!

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