Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wide Awake and counting down- 1.5 days (and 15, too)

I've had the ceiling fan running at night lately, since the weather has decided it could be warm for a while and guess what!  I woke up at  4:20 (about my least favorite time to wake up- if I fell back to sleep I wouldn't wake up until well past 5;30 and that just wouldn't be cool) and was FREEZING!!

My mind started racing when I decided I couldn't let myself fall asleep completely again- thinking about all the things that I need to do today, that apparently the other admin wants to do an observation of me today- on my last day of teaching??  whatevs.  I have a lot of my elementary classroom packed away, and will make massive strides to that end in my high school today.  I am not sure what I will get finished in my  5th and 4th grades as they suddenly are a week behind the other classes.....  turtle races may or may not happen.

I was really happy to get a good walk in last night- almost 5 miles.  Apparently we will be walking between 5 and 10 miles every day in Italy, which is perfect if you ask me, and I want to get some consistent miles in to prepare.  I hope the Mad-Seester Rose is too!!

I ordered the last of my non-clothing stuff for this trip last night- unless I decide I need a neck pillow- geez this goes on for days.  But will all be TOTALLY worth it when we get where we are going and see what we are going to see!!

So today I will be finishing up with all of my elementary students and the rest of my high school kids as well, though I will see the big kids for a few minutes tomorrow morning.  I have no picture today, but I do have my link to art in Italy.  One week from last night we have our final meeting before Italy and two weeks from last night, I will be leaving to head to my sisters for some pre-trip excitement.

But first, I have some other things to attend to and that will be a joy- but a little sad.  Endings can be that way, but the beginnings are not that far away.

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