Tuesday, September 13, 2016

And now for a moment of cute from the Mad Art Teacher

I will say in regards to the school year starting- there has been a lot of funny and cute things said to and around me.  The High School kids are just hilarious, they are all still relaxed and not overly stressed out and so all is well.  I have also gotten a ton of compliments on my wardrobe already, which is always a hoot.  Coming from those lovely girls....  I'll take it
And I see a clean art room yet!

Anyway, in the elementary art classroom things are always lively, shall we say, and seriously I have to dash to my desk to grab a pen next time some kid says something hilarious, as those moments do not last long in my memory before they are pushed out by other thing more urgent.

fingerprinting with the kindergarten!  I have no fear!  :)

I do have emblazoned in my mind a very recent discussion with a very sweet and hilarious little guy who told me that I was in his comic book....  yessiree folks, I have super powers!  Of course we always knew that, but now I even have better ones and it is apparently in "print"!  :)  When asked why I was in his comic book, I was informed that of course I was because I was one of his favorite teachers and all his favorite people are in his comic book. (I swear all of this is true)

Also, I can control the blind people of the world  (I promise to use my powers for good) (this is not as bad as it kind of sounds- he means no harm)  AND even better!!!  I CAN FLY AND WALK THROUGH WALLS!!! I hope to begin using my new found abilities forthwith.  This child and I have big plans!! Lol.

I can not tell you how many smiles this has given me in the last day or so.  I am honored!  This does not happen every day.

Meanwhile, I am sleepy and my bed is calling....  sleep well everyone!

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  1. Super powers!! I have known this from the start Debi. Thanks for sharing, I am smiling too.