Friday, December 23, 2016

A little photo distraction and a Merry Christmas!

As I implied in my previous ramblings, I owed you all a photo post!  Well, I am spinning it that way, so bear with me!  Here are a small selection of photos from the last 6 weeks. As I type this, my eyes are getting heavy- so I may have to abandon ship and go to bed.  We shall see.

I got out for a few outdoor shots, but between the stupid toe thing and school and having a lot of company and busy weekends, I haven't been nearly as active in my photography as I would like.  

Ella and I went on a field trip to pick up the roping for Gramma Debi's deck- and got to see the sheep!  And one massive dog!

Frost on the blueberry cage

It was a beautiful fall, so much warm weather- I was glad to get out in it. I have been exploring my Lightroom presets on a few of these pictures. It is fun to get different effects.  

It was a long warm fall

And several super sunsets!

This day was magical- I love the soft reflections

Long shadows of winter

Where does this path lead?

We haven't seen the lovely Lola her for a while.  She looked particularly fetching in the warm boring light, right?

Today was a pretty great day.  I was able to straighten up the house, get the last couple gifts wrapped and ordered.  I got to go to lunch, and all the while listened to some Pandora Christmas music...  except for the 45 min where the crazy tv turned black and quit working....  But after a little consultation- I managed to push the appropriate button and get the goofy thing reset and working...  I don't like to experiment with this sort of thing.

Only a couple days and the Mad-oldest son and his family are coming, then Monday we are having our Christmas.... this will be good!  Can't wait to get us all together in one place.  :)

So if I don't get another post on here- Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!  Wish I could give you all a glass of Christmas cheer and a hug.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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