Sunday, July 2, 2017

And birthday month begins!

Well it has been quite the whirlwind of a month or so here.  I was taken slightly by surprise by July's appearance- I knew it was coming but still.  Between a week long curriculum thing at work- I got nothing to say for that one- and the horse and a sweet little vacation I took and another all consuming event in  my life that soon will be revealed here- It has been quite the June....... and much of May...... and a bit of July.

Columbia River Gorge

So I will take on all of these things one at a time, but today I am going to focus on gratitude.

First- I am grateful for my family.  From my kids- The Mad-Middle son and Sarah recently had a 3rd Mad-Grandkiddo, and I will say she is gorgeous- little Claire was born before I went on vacation- to my sister who graciously shared her house and her time with me- to  my dear Mad-Accountant who dealt with the logistics of my recent loss and generally calmly puts up with my frenetic activities and somewhat dramatic tendencies.....  Of course I can't forget my other two kids, grand girls,  my brothers and my momma either.  :)

I appreciate the fact that I got through the year with only one minor yet extraordinarily annoying injury  and I really am entering birthday month ready to finally have some summer.  Now if the rain would quit (speaking of annoying) there could be a whole lot more kayaking and biking and walking and weed-pulling.  But hey there is no drought so there is that.

I am SO SOOOO LUCKY I have the friends that I have.  From my long distance friends who I adore with all my heart to my travel companion to my colleagues who are so much more than that to the different people who I would love to have lunch with this July (hint hint).  I am so happy to have so many amazing people who make my life so much better.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

There are material things and personal things that I am grateful for as well, but the above list is the most important and so I will leave it exactly at that.

And I wish you all the joy this Sunday and birthday month can bring you.  Muah.

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