Sunday, July 23, 2017

Birthday month-notalot update

I need more of this, minus the mosquitos that you can't see.

Wow, so birthday month has been filled with not a whole lot of actual celebratory actions. In fact it has been more than a little bit of distraction and transition.  And a lot of the effects of this is the decision to pare down my "stuff".

I call it a whole house purge.

During a recent update of my kitchen counters and floors, I have had to divest myself of a lot of things- and each thing that went back into my cupboards had to earn its keep.  So I found myself putting things back sort of where they were, then opening that door back up and ditching it.  There were a lot of sentimental favorites that got put in the donation box.  And I am fine with that.

The next logical step (ha at least to me) was to continue around the house and do the exact same thing in every drawer, closet and shelf.  Everywhere.  So far the only thing I have deferred to a later date is an upper closet cabinet that has all the Christmas stuff in it.  I just can't face that yet.  oy

And so on the bottom floor I basically have my sewing/back room to do, and that will be last.  I have been doing a little clearing out as I go, but if I can't make a decision, it goes back there to be dealt with on a day I am pretty sure I should be just drinking margaritas and throw all thought and caution to the wind.   Hmmmm.  That is not a bad idea- I will offer tequila to anyone who wants to help on that day.  :D  any takers??

Anyway, I have my clothes closet to go through, which I keep on top of for the most part, so that won't be bad and then I tackle the upstairs.  The traditional place to keep crap you don't use.  Yeah, now that will be a challenge.  I have a feeling that there are a few trips to the local thrift shop in my future.  I already have gotten 6 boxes of things out of the house, and it is AMAZING how good it feels.  I have room in virtually all the shelves and closets that I have gone through.  I can't believe it.

And every day before starting the house, I spend 30 min weeding my flower gardens.  I have a real problem with my right hand getting carpal tunnel symptoms, so I stop at 30 min. usually.  This morning it is cool and cloudy so I went for an hour and I can feel it.

While birthday month hasn't been the joyous occasion that it usually is, I have had lunch with some of my sweet friends, and have cleared my physical and mental space in many ways, and I have a lot of company and visiting to look forward to in August.  And while I have been taking some photos, I think that will be stepped up again soon, too.  Because, photography and all.

I have neglected to do a post of my trip out west to Oregon and I find that quite distressing as I have forgotten the names of some of the falls that we visited.  And the dam.  Fortunately I am an obsessive Instagram person, and also Yelp besides Facebook and all that info is there.  And I also have the young and functioning mind of my travel partner- the Mad-English teacher- to help spark my memory.  Good thing, too.

So another post will be coming your way soon, I hope.  This one (probably 2) will be filled with photography.  YAY!!

AND I got to go to another awesome museum, which was fabulous.  They are really one of the things I look forward to the most every summer, a new museum to take in the art.  And every year I find something unexpected that I love.  This year was no exception, I need to find the photos.  I think I only took iPhone pix of that one.  OH, and I just may get back to another major museum next month- gosh I hope so- but that is in the planning stages.  Stay tuned!

This is birthday month girl signing off- and bound to find joy if it is possible.

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