Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Ups and Downs of this Birthday month

Life does have a way of changing things up right when you think you have it down pat, doesn't it.  We all know that is what happens, intellectually.  Emotionally, though, you wonder- a. what the hell was that all about? and b. Certainly this is done now and I can have a little peace.  Well, that may or may not happen depending on a whole host of circumstances, but I am willing to not bring new variables into life and cause an uproar-------  I hope.

I have hinted at the fact that I have had something going on in my house and it includes some kitchen work.  It is about freaking time, as the same vinyl floors I have had for 25 or so years was starting to look worn, not to mention the other little things that drive one crazy.  So suffice it to say, I am putting things back in their spot, and I am having one of those purge moments.  I am going through my cabinetry and literally considering every single thing and either keeping it or boxing it up.  There is no letting it slide this time, as I have done in the past.  Sometimes you have to just drop the emotional attachment and the stories you think of and how you know who gave that to you for a wedding present, though you haven't touched it hardly since you got married and you are pretty sure none of the children want it.....  This is going to lead to a major household purge. The MA is a little worried - lol.

Speaking of whom, a couple days ago, when I was deep in a battle with a few lines of grout on the new flooring- he came in to the house early, as it was raining, and we were looking at some pretty magnificent cloud formations.  We decided to go for a ride- with my camera in hand.   I shot in a few places and ended up on Butternut Lake, where there was a great view to the east of the colored clouds from the sun over the lake-- and since we were right by the Butternut Resort, we went in for a few minutes for a drink.  He said to me: after all, it is birthday month.  awwww.  I have not had a lot of time to celebrate birthday month.  I have had a bit of emotional turmoil going on, some of it completely unexpected, and my joy has not been too prevalent these days.  So a nice amber Fat Tire did sort of help, as well as talking with Dick and being some place different and doing a photo shoot didn't hurt one bit.

I'm in a place of having so many things to do and not a lot of time to do them.  The mosquitos this summer are a problem, so you have to be fully dressed and armed with lots of spray to brave the day. A good stiff breeze does help a lot.  So not a lot of weeding is going on, and wow do I need to do that.  And of course the windows have not been washed yet (NOT my fave thing to do) and I haven't posted one single thing about my trip to Oregon.....  and on and on.  Oh well.

I am going to take a few days this coming week to just do things around the house with no big agenda.  And cook a few things as I want to.  And probably take a little day trip or two because that needs to happen.  And being to enjoy my birthday month a bit more.

Every year is different, and life isn't guaranteed to be happy during these particular birthday month days, but we sure can look for the joys that are always there.  Even if other things have popped up and thrown a shadow over them.  So I'll be looking for that silver lining, that alternate point of view- sometimes looking to the east during a sunset is the very best view of all.

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