Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Cabin in the Woods and a Ride in the "Yoda"

West side

The Mad Accountant is still working on his project, and now he is hanging from the ceiling!  Haha, he is doing the boards on the ceiling in between the logs, I am sure there is some special name for this, but I am not in the know!
Ceiling boards

He and the Barber built a wooden scaffolding system so he doesn't have to work on ladders.  After seeing the set up, I guess I feel marginally better about him fooling around up on the ceiling.  He survived other near falls while putting the stupid cabin up, I would say this is the safest he has been!

I walked back to the little cabin in the woods for the first time since summer really hit and the bugs came out.  I remember now why winter is a wonderful time to be in the forest- no vermin!  This is the lovely scene I partook of while sloshing through the mud when I couldn't find a dry patch.
Don't let it's calm look fool you!

It looks so peaceful, so inviting, what a lovely night......

except for the fact that I had to spray myself down with Off, put up a hood to keep the flies off and with every stride my hand hit a bug on the way forward and the way back!  I think the frantic arm waving and double time walking cut my trip back there in half! Lots of calorie burn on that little jaunt.

When I arrived, there he was-- up on the ceiling.

The room is kind of odd looking now, practically the whole thing is full of the squares of the scaffolding.  You really have to be careful not to knock your head on anything.  An interesting space to be in!
Putting up boards

Facing north, near fireplace thing

So, I was getting the grand tour, the lecture on the process and found out that.......oh look, this is cool.  Hmm, I wonder what a closeup of this will look like.  click.
Well, look at this bunch of curves

Oh, yes, honey, mmm hmmm, awesome, that sure looks great.  You made a lot of progress.  Are you done yet, cuz I am NOT braving those bugs on the way back.  Not to mention the mudhole that you "fixed".

However folks- that means it is time for a ride in ........ bum bum bummmmmmmmmmmm.
The Yoda

Which now has no brakes.  Oh boy.  Let the shrieking begin.
Fortunately, after a teeth shaking ride, we arrived safe and sound at home, where fortunately there is only level ground and he seems to know right where to shut off the key and let it glide into its parking space.  It is a good thing we can't take that piece of you-know-what  out of the yard.  But it saves wear and tear on the good truck, I guess.

Until next time, find some joy in an adventure- even if it is a little bumpy

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  1. I, too, have a 'Yoda'...looks about the same year. I've been putting off fixing mine, but have to get hot on it. the plate that holds the clutch and brake pedals to the firewall popped some rivets and split off the firewall leaving the clutch hangin' - not much room to work on it and I do NOT want to pull the dash - ug! Love the pictures, Debi!