Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid-week photos! Haha, fooled you!

I am feeling it today!  A new batch of pix for you, mostly close up shots of flowers.  I have been experimenting with my bigger camera again, so this was the best subject matter I have at hand.  And I found some pretty glorious things.
Look at this odd fellow!  Wasp on an allium

Unfurling flower stalk- Hosta

Dew on foliage

Wild roses growing in a ditch


Quiet night

Yellow and white Siberian iris

Yellow and white Siberian

Blousy blooms- white peony

Dark purple Siberian iris
Late afternoon at the Walasek farm

Dramatic morning light

These next couple of pix were color experiments

I NEED to get somewhere else soon with my camera!  Anyone?  I'm available for a road trip for about 2 more months!!  I'll buy lunch!  :)

Until next time- be a joy giver!  No joy stealing allowed!!


  1. A two-month-long roadtrip! I would love it! Unfortunately, busy until at least the dog days of August...two mad gardeners on a raod trip!

  2. Don't leave us Deb!! (gorgeous photos!)