Thursday, May 10, 2012

Frosty morning, orange light and cold feeties

4 am is my usual wakeup time these days!  I am not sure why my brain chooses to get up at 4, but it is generally what happens.  So I take advantage of the time by drinking coffee (ahhh), playing around on line and keeping an eye on the sunrise!  

Today was one of those days that was dawning clear, and generally not real interesting as far as sunrises go.  So I was sitting here, listening to some tunes on the comp (Madonna and others today), and as I was getting up to get that last cup of coffee, I looked out and saw the orange light on the frosty grass.....

Now the light didn't quite translate onto my camera as much as it could have.  I could have played with the color a little, but I didn't. 

Anyway, I slipped a pair of crocs onto my bare feeties and tightened up the robe and set off into the 28 degree morning to take pictures.  I was just grateful that there is no snow on the ground!  :) I got a few of the sun shining through the pine trees towards the road.  It was pretty!  I don't know if the frost is visible, but it was definitely a little crunch to the newly mowed grass.  

Pretty color, but a tiny bit over exposed

By this time I am noticing my cold feet, so off towards the house I go.... while on my way there, I see the west sky- definitely worth a shot or two!

I love dichotomies like this!  The rise of the sun to one side, the set of the waning moon to the other, the orange light of the sun spilling on the ground under the governess of the night.....

I'm sure there is some sort of lovely poem I could put here, but I don't have the time to look for it!  So I will put in some sort of fitting lyrics from a song I just heard- songs are poetry, right?

I'm feeling hella good, so let's just keep on dancing!  For joy!!

Have a great day and stay AWAY from those joy stealers!!

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