Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden check list - the Mad Gardener returns

Garden gloves- check
Sunglasses - check
Shovel - check
Trowel- check
Wheel barrow- um, later
Felcos-  uh, lets see where did I put that thing........  *rummaging, cupboard cleaning, get step stool and get serious and things fly out of the shelves........ TA DA!!!*  check!

Supplies being gathered

Let's get serious here





The Gardener has emerged from the gym!  I have the need to garden again.  I have to get out my stuff, dig in the dirt, make a trip to a greenhouse, find where I put my sempervivum!  All this needs to be done- SOON- as the mosquitos are plotting to suck us dry!

I am pleased to say that it is way easier to garden this past weekend, apparently the time at the gym has made my hands a lot stronger and not prone to such soreness.  Not to mention my back, legs, arms, shoulders, etc.  That makes life a lot more fun!

I have a LOT more weeding to do, a lot of digging and some planting I should think.  But I got a great start during a great weekend.

I also started taking the good stuff out of the garage!  My favorite collection in the world- my galvanized things- most notably my watering cans.  My favs are the big one on the left on the bottom and the green one.  I also have one with a sun molded on the side, that one is a favorite too!  With all this stuff, it is a wonder there is any room for anything else- like a car or a super-charged lawn mower or maybe even a little joy!

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