Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Run, run.... then relax- the birth of the "mad-runner"

WELL!  I had a great run today- actually I lie.  It was hard, it was painful, it was not easy.

However, it was good.  I did it, I only walked 2 times when I was putting down and picking up my water-bottle.  I went ALMOST 4 miles, which irritates me, because I was trying to get in 4 miles. I would have too, if I wouldn't have stopped to pick up the mail!  For heavens sakes.

I get a little bit fixated on the numbers I get in my mind, I had it on 4 miles, and I overestimated. Oh well.  Like my friend Samara says, it doesn't matter. It's your run. She's so wise.

This is my prerun game face- I can't show you what my postrun exhausted face is, as it is just not fit for public consumption!

I also spent an hour and a half lifting weights after school.  It is the best thing ever to do to relieve the stresses of the day, clear your mind, attempt to make sense of life.... you know, simple things like that.

So I spent the night relaxing!  I should have been doing some gardening, I could have been oh, I don't know, cleaning something and I SHOULD HAVE DONE SOME LAUNDRY!!!  Dang!  I hope I have a clean outfit for dance class tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hear clinking- the Mad-Accountant is somewhere nearby looking through his coinage- idk, why.  Seeking an old penny?  Something about nickel(s).  I try not to know these things. The kids will know, I'm sure.

I have some really cool running songs that I have gotten from my runner friend- Samara- Maybe I should start calling her the mad-runner, no, wait, that has to be me.  The Mad-marathoner friend!!!  YES.  Anyway, the Mad-marathoner friend sent me a bunch of tunes for running and each time I go, one pulls me through to the end.  This time it was "Don't Stop Moving' by Livin'Joy.  It was perfect!  And did you notice the name of the artist??  Gotta love a little livin' joy!

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