Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It was sunny enough and snowy enough to be charming over the Christmas long weekend.  Definitely a good time for those of us who enjoy our photography and outdoor activities!  I have a bunch of pretty nice pix here.  I hope you can sit back and enjoy the view!  If you are in a non-snow area of the country, you can be a snow bunny without actually having to get cold.  There are a few non-scenery shots, but I didn't think you would mind!

Stone house

For Sarah


This is a REALLY good book, I have read some of it and it was a great purchase!

Branch patterns

Sunrise in December

Sun and shadows

Clay pigeon shooting

One of several daylight moon pix

Remnants of an old root cellar or garage across from the Stone House

Butternut Creek

Tough old oak leaves-  I like their tenacity!  
 It is always a pleasure to review and post my most recent pictures.  I hope you found some joy in them as well!

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