Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maintenance, School, babygirl, 50 followers and other stuff

So, I have a bunch of little bitty things I want to throw in, say, and otherwise hear myself talk about, and it just didn't fit into the previous post.

Today I have to go back to work, and before anyone yells at me because I had a week and a half off, I just don't care what you say.  I needed one more day.  So there.  Just stop it.  :P I have accepted it now and will go into it with my usual positive attitude.  I am positive I am looking forward to lunch!  Lol.  I just wish we could work in our rooms instead of sitting around all day. It is enough to make a good natured art teacher absolutely levitate out of her seat by the end of the 7 or 8 hours....

HAVE I mentioned that I am getting a granddaughter this year?????  I am so excited I am beside myself.  I can NOT wait to meet babygirl.  YAY!!  I have plans to do a few special things for her!!!  ***HAPPY DANCES*** I am not at liberty to discuss these plans, as you never know when said parental units will be reading this!

Another random thing that happened is I now have 50 official followers on my blog and recently went over 13,000 page views.  I know this isn't much in relation to what other people's blog have, but that is ok,  I think it is pretty darn exciting.  AND who KNOWS how many blog stalkers there are!!!  :)  It always amazes me that people read this thing.  It is fun to write for an audience, though, even though I always need to monitor myself and make sure no glib remarks are thoughtless.  I would never want to hurt someone's feelings, as that is certainly not my gig.

I got my Christmas stuff taken down, I did 16 miles of walking over the past 2 day (which was a pseudo-weekend), took a few pictures, started a picture of the day thing, decided to try and carve out time for a few personal things and I feel like I can begin a New Year in pretty fine style.  Now we will see what really happens.

Today I will continue working on my new weight lifting program.  I did some of it last week, but because of the holidays I was not able to do the whole thing.  Of course this week is more of the same and I should get at least all but legs done- I have some really sore hamstrings from the previously mentioned 16 miles.  So next week, which is really not too far away seeing it is Wednesday already, though I swear yesterday was Sunday, I get to begin again and see how this is all going to work out.

A quick maintenance observation:
This is not easy.  I had the "old way of eating Debi" make an appearance over the past week.  I think I shoved her back into a closet again, next to 20 year old "Debi who did whatever she was told", 30 something year old "Debi who hated herself" and 5 year old "Debbie who was afraid of everything," and we don't need to see them again. Occasionally they can be trotted out to examine why they are in the closet, but I think they are all best put to bed in there. Wow, digress much?  So, that was not cool.  I know I have to be careful about eating the food that might be sitting around and always be prepared to make better choices.  Cookies just aren't an option for me any more.  I hope by making this observation, I will now be able to settle into this.  I know that I have infinite ways to drive myself crazy, so expect more maintenance observations.  Because this is not for sissies!

So I think I have completed all of the things that I was wanting to say this morning.  I guess I could have thrown them all together, but that would have been even more disjointed than this post is!  But you expect disjointed from me on occasion- amiright??  

Disjointed or not, you know it will always end with a wish for your joys and mine!  Have a joyful day- rock this 2013!!


  1. As always, LOVE your posts!!! Hope your days isn't nearly as awful as it seems!!!! LMBO Look forward to hearing from you soon. :)

  2. Not that it is awful, I just never sit all day. EVER! :) And I will be happy to have children in front of me! But that is tomorrow! I'll muscle through today! Thanks Pamela!!

  3. Great blog... as usual. Hope you've underestimated your day & it turns out to be filled with lotsa joy!