Monday, January 14, 2013

Time to pull it together!

Yeah, so yesterday was a bit of a bust.  I guess not really a bust, I did do something REALLY cool, which is good considering what a drama queen I was in the morning and how devastated I was last night.  I did manage to get myself outside for a walk, so that was also a positive thing!! AND we all know you can't keep the Mad-Artteacher down.

It is all about balance!  Sometimes a person has an off day, but if you look for it, you CAN find your joy, you can harness your negative energies and do a killer weight routine!  You can use your restlessness and get done some things that needed to be and then some.  But then life can come back and prove you are SO not in control!  Yin and Yang.  Black and White. Good and bad.  Balance

Well FINE!!!  I get it.  Don't get too wrapped up in yourself.  I have come to figure out a while ago that you have to experience the feelings, and then use it to forge forward in the best way that you can.  You have to experience a little suffering to truly have the joy and love that a person is always searching for. And I have come to find out I have a lot of wonderful friends who give me so much.

I could have had things way worse happen, so this is just a little blip in my radar.  I will press on to a very busy week and semester at school.  The term is winding down and new one will be winding up.  The musical will begin soon and my afterschool life will  be EVEN busier.  I will drive myself nuts trying to get in all my weightlifting and cardio, but the days will be getting longer and I will have a little more time given to me in that way.  Balance.

So as you begin this new week, I hope you can find some balance too.  Look for the positive among all the tiring and seemingly defeating things in your day. Even sad moments have something that you can use as you go on .  TAKE IT ON- those challenges of life, don't let yourself be overwhelmed.  At least not for too long!

So make sure you allow yourself to find that joy and give some away too.  Because the more you give out, the more you will get back.... especially if you aren't expecting it.


  1. Good post!
    'love & hugs from afar'

    1. Thank you so much Cher! I always appreciate your kind words! :)

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    1. thank you fellow debi! :) I appreciate comments- always!