Thursday, June 13, 2013

NOW what shall I do??

The subtitle here should be - what should I do first???

I am sort of stumped.  I have arrived home from sister Rose's house, the place where I usually disappear to immediately after school.  I had a WONDERFUL trip, a blog post about that may follow, and it is SUNNY here today. WAAAAA HOOOOOO!!!

I have a deck full of plants, a package of some breath-takingly beautiful black iridescent glass that is needing to be applied to a cute lil concrete raven, a deck that needs arranging, a body that needs working out and I SERIOUSLY don't know what to do first.  I also have to finish cleaning up my Highschool art room, put in my orders at school (a rainy day event for sure), work on my upstairs rooms, work on my garden shed, blog more, photo edit, you get the picture.

It gives me a fair amount of anxiety. PLUS, I should stop by the grocery store and get myself some food, and I should go get horse feed and fly spray.......


But in among this all, I will find my joy, and I will take a picture of myself having coffee on the deck!

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