Monday, September 9, 2013

The giant hand is complete!

Lets all give a big round of applause---  hahahaha. Couldn't resist. Get it? Big round of applause for the giant hand??? Anyone??  Never mind.....
You can't even see the extent of the dirt that I was covered with!

The hand is finally finished- I have the second layer of concrete on, plugged up any holes so it doesn't become a giant hornet's nest, and the water from the snow shouldn't get in there  to thaw and freeze and wreak general havoc.  Here is a post that discusses part of the creation of it.  I really should do a recap for my own reference, but we shall see.  that will involve a lot of searching around.

I also, in case you noticed, managed to totally weed the stone fence garden here, which was out of control weedy.  No pic of that, so you will have to take my word for it.  It looks pretty good!!

So at some point I will be making something to go in/with the hand.  THIS is so cool, as I have been discussing/agonizing/boring/driving my friends and family crazy with the creating of this thing for about 4 years.  whew!  AND YAY now I get to plant some rock garden things around it.....  LOVE my rock garden.
Raw materials- concrete, sand, water, hoe, wheel barrow- and gloves

completed hand ready to cover and cure

Crawling under this this was interesting!  

The next morning, curing is ongoing.

THIS will  give me a lot of joy in years to come


  1. Are you misting with a garden hose to extend the curing process? I've heard the longer it take concrete to cure the stronger/harder it becomes.

    So rock garden, are we talking xeriscape?

    Oh, so cool, it fits so well with this rock garden thingee, I'm not just a tad jealous...

    So a metal crow landing on it? (We know you like crows!)

    You can tell I'm excited about this! ;)

  2. Love the giant hand. Wonderful accomplishment for sure, Lady Deb. It reminds me of a glove, so how about a garden tool to go along with it. Some day we will be riding out to Deb's Concrete Park. You ROCK! :)

  3. ...congrats on finishing! That hand could hold anything you want it to...every month of the year - including 'birthday month'. Phil