Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Outing!

Today is a big day for me!  I get to get OUT of this house.

I actually have a dermatology appt.- I probably have to have a precancerous blah blah blah frozen off my nose. Haven't had to have that done for 2 years, so yay.  WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN, PEOPLE!  This is probably from my childhood when there was no such thing as sunscreen.  I always do now when I am going to be outside for my walks and such.  ANYWAY, because I am being driven there by my good friend, Cat, we are going to make a few quick stops.  Like Kohls so I can get a few easy on and off tshirts, and the Health Food store in Rhinelander for a few little things.  Then LUNCH OUT!!

I of course will be exhausted when I am done, but it will be totally worth it.  I will bring a pillow to rest my arms in the car and Ibuprofen!  It will be good to be gone from school while that lovely little mark on my nose heals up.  lol  However I do use it as my soap box to preach my sunscreen message.

I slept like crap last night, my left arm was not happy with me. And I really didn't do much that would set that off, so I am going to say it is healing.  HA  I have no idea if that is a true equation or not, but lots of people like to say that, so positive vibes.

That is about it for me.  I am going to start getting ready to go  because it takes a while!

Have a spiffy day and find some joy whatever you are going to be doing!

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