Monday, February 2, 2015

One week better

Just a quick update-

Turns out that my arms are getting tired super fast today.  Range of motion is way better, tho!

1. While I can't actually wash my own hair yet, I can use the flat iron and clumsily take down the Lion Queen hair.  SCORE

2.  Range of motion is way better, yet can't put on more than one sock.

3. Strength of hands is way better, yet I could only write 1.5 thank you notes. Writing is oddly taxing.

4. Ankle feels better today, but I had wise advice to keep ibu and water in bedroom and I took it at 4am  Better sleep #ftw

5. I am so grateful to all my friends and my sister for all the help, but it is nice to be relaxing here alone.  I can do enough to care for myself!  But I have lots of phone #s which can be dialed!

6.  I am exhausted from the few things I did do, so I am going to now sit and read the script for the next school play.  Good use of my time!  :)

7. I was able to scratch my photography itch a bit this morning and took a pic of the sunrise.  YAY!  -10 did not keep me in the house for  that 30 seconds!  :)  (insert evil laugh)

8. I am so HAPPY that I was able to get into school yesterday and supervise my dear seester setting up for the week.  It made me feel better to see all was over all well.  And I have 2 awesome subs who are taking good care of them.  I see over 300 children a week of various ages, so it is a daunting task to sub for me.

I cannot thank every one enough for all the nice cards, flowers, messages, emails, visits and other silliness that went on.  It is so nice!  And it makes me feel wonderful and gives me joy.

Keep up the good work of spreading joy to many others while I am stuck here!  Have you accomplished your joygiver quota yet?  Get going!  :)

Hugs and smooches everyone


  1. LOL! Like you can HUG (insert really evil laugh here!)!