Saturday, February 7, 2015

And so it goes, slowly

Some of you might be tired of this, but on the other hand, I assume if you are tired of these updates, y'all aren't reading them!  :)  So there is that.  I am continuing this line of blogging, so I can update a whole bunch of peeps at one time.  Makes sense I think!

Regardless, I am a little on the frustrated side today.  After one comfortable night a few nights ago, I have had a lot of waking up.  Not exactly sure why, but could be because I have not been sitting around and not doing NOTHING.  I can't believe that I shouldn't be doing some activity to start getting mobility and flexibility.  And I was basically told that I could do what I wanted as long as I am not making myself hurt a lot.  Hard balance to strike.

I would love NOTHING more than to go for a nice long walk outside, but I frankly am a little afraid.  If I fall, that will be a potential problem.  And there is ice EVERY where here.  So annoying.

I do need to get to school for a little while tomorrow, so I can see if I have enough white and black yarn to start a project with my 4th and 5th graders.  I just will need someone to come with me.....  So, I have to figure out who I have taken advantage of least and doesn't mind standing on a chair or two.

So I have such a big day planned- HAHAHAHA- I am going with to pick up horse feed- I will in no way be involved in the picking up, go to lunch, then possibly wash a few dishes and I should start practicing my Italian again too.  Hopefully that hasn't all gone away.  I will make a stab at making some roasted veggies and then rest my arms.  Big plans!

Today I might have to work a little harder at finding my joy!  But I will find a way to do it.

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