Monday, February 9, 2015

Back at it

The day is here, I am finally going to head back to work!  As you can imagine, I am a bit conflicted about this, but mostly it is a giant relief.  I'd most likely go insane if I had to stay home for another week.

First of all, the how am I feeling update.  I am getting better, but slowly.  Yesterday I went to school with an assistant (thanks Cathy!) to do a little bit of set up and to check out some yarn supplies.  I was able to fairly easily open up the school door myself (that sucker is heavy) and get around.  I was not easily able to reach most of the things I needed in the elementary school art room, particularly.  I will have to really be planning my needs in advance.

I feel fine this morning.  As usual it takes about 5 minutes of typing and my left arms starts to ache.  My ankle will be fine until about noon, I am not sure about the stamina of my right arm.....  but I can't sit at home today.

I have pumped myself full of caffeine, so I will have my edge.  I have prepped by taking one bag of stuff to school yesterday, the only thing I have to do is have the MA open the garage door for me.  I think.  I really do not know how I will do physically today, which is why I am a little uneasy.  But I know I will have a nice welcome back from the kids, because my subs have said how much the kids all miss me.

I have all my things laid out and ready to go.  I just have to finish assembling lunch and get dressed.  I still need to gather my courage and my determination and pick up my joy on the way out of the house.

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